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Al Ain City Municipality's 'i-Case' portal logs 2,181 applications in under 2 months

Al Ain City Municipality's 'i-Case,' a new unified portal for Customer Service Centers, has already received 2,181 applications barely two months after its official activation in late June of this year.
The portal is enabling the Municipality to enhance its operational efficiency, accountability and transparency.
Designed to make a Customer Service Representative's job easier and more productive, 'i-Case' was developed by the municipality's technical team deployed by Injazat Data Systems.
It features an attractive user-friendly interface that facilitates the delivery of 37 various services for customers across all Al Ain Municipality branches. The system's unified database enables applications made in one service center to be followed up in another center under the Al Ain City Municipality network.
Since its deployment, i-Case has helped reduce system loads across the Municipality's service centers. The portal paves the way for the eventual unification of service delivery programs via the internet and mobile phones. It also supports the Strategic Priorities of the Municipality, such as continuous service improvements, maximum efficiency and process excellence, and the promotion of accountability, responsibility and transparency. 'i-Case' forms part of the Al Warraq System which includes other components such as systems for electronic archiving, document management, and correspondence.
"One of Al Ain City Municipality's top priorities is the continuous improvement of services for residents and the community at large. We strive to foster a service-oriented culture by delivering services from a customer-centric manner. The new portal enables us to fulfill our customer commitments in a fast, reliable and transparent manner. It also reflects how Al Ain is harnessing technology to accelerate local development and complement federal efforts to transform the entire UAE into a genuine digital society," said Khalfan Al Mazrouei, IT Director, Al Ain City Municipality.
"This project was very fulfilling for us as it allowed us to use advanced automation technology to facilitate the reporting of the performance of these services as a prelude to their future improvement. Al Ain City Municipality has created, with the help of Injazat's technical team, an advanced system that is easy to use and efficiently facilitates the daily work of users," added Salama Al Dhaheri, Project Manager, Al Ain City Municipality.
"The Emirate of Abu Dhabi has a clear vision of how technology should expedite its growth plans under its Economic Vision 2030 blueprint. Injazat feels privileged to be strategic partner helping the municipality reach its ambitions. Our work for Al Ain City Municipality reflects how strategic IT initiatives are driving economic and social progress at the local and national levels. We can expect electronic governance in general to remain an important fixture in technology-driven development initiatives across the municipality and the entire emirate," concluded Ibrahim Mohamed Lari, Chief Executive Officer, Injazat Data Systems.
The Al Ain City Municipality is one of several departments under the Emirate of Abu Dhabi's Municipal Affairs Authority. Its mandate is to serve Abu Dhabi's Al Ain Area, which covers Al Ain City and the neighboring outskirts. As a service authority, the Municipality constantly adopts the latest and most advanced scientific and professional standards of quality and excellence. It continues to develop and upgrade its operational systems through the help of communications and information technology and a highly able workforce.
Injazat Data Systems is an industry-recognized market leader in the region for secure and business-aligned IT services. It is the owner and operator of the Middle East's first Tier IV design-certified data center. Injazat is the technology partner of various government entities in Abu Dhabi and across the United Arab Emirates.
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