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Injazat, Aleron Partners team up to develop and deliver integrated Emiratization strategy

Responding to the declaration of 2013 as the 'Year of Emiratization', Injazat Data Systems has announced that it is partnering with Aleron, specialists in Organization Strategy and Talent Management, to develop and deliver a new integrated approach to Emiratization.
A recognized market-leader for IT in the region, Injazat Data Systems is supporting government led efforts to increase opportunities for UAE Nationals. Currently only 23,000 Emiratis are employed in the private sector, of which 65% work in the banking industry. Already regarded as a successful Emiratization implementer, Injazat will help more UAE Nationals explore careers in IT by raising the proportion of UAE Nationals in its workforce from its current 15%.
In 2009, Injazat Data Systems, the owner and operator of the Middle East's first Tier IV design and ISO 27001-certified Data Center, launched a major Emiratization program conceived and overseen by The Injazat Institute (Ti2), Injazat's business-orientated Learning & Development initiative. Since then Injazat has been enrolling UAE Nationals onto globally-recognized certification programs, exposing them to intensive coaching and mentoring programs, and supporting their growth through Career Development Plans (CDP) linked to roles and responsibilities. Injazat currently has more than 86 Emiratis occupying strategic managerial, technical and professional positions and accounting for 15% of the corporate workforce.
In order to sustain and meet the challenges faced in 2013 and beyond Injazat is pleased to announce the partnership with Aleron that provides a fully integrated and innovative approach to Emiratization for both Injazat and our clients.
Both Organizations bring experience and expertise in aligning an effective Emiratization Strategy with the needs of the business to provide a solution through a three phased approach: (1) Succession Planning, (2) Assessments and CDPs, and (3) CDP Implementation.
In the first phase, Aleron will use leading Organization Strategy techniques including Talent Analytics and Succession Design as well as assess efficiency of HR processes required to support Succession Planning. During the next two phases Ti2 will conduct assessment centers aligned to specific competencies and job descriptions to support the design of career focused CDPs that will be implemented through effective learning and development practices.
The resulting integrated 'Career Solution', developed by Ti2 and Aleron aims to raise the percentage of UAE Nationals working for Injazat and establish Injazat as a recognized 'UAE National Employer of Choice' within the next three years. This integrated Emiratization solution can also be tailored for other Organizations and will be presented to Injazat's clients to support their Emiratization strategy.
"From day one, Injazat has considered Emiratization an integral part of its growth vision. We focus on providing Career Solutions to our Emirati employees to harness their personal and professional potential and prepare them to take on key roles within the organization. We do recognize, however, that Abu Dhabi's 2030 vision sets ambitious goals that require us to step up our efforts to engage and activate Emirati talent within our organization. Through our partnership with Aleron we believe that we will be able to achieve our target of becoming an employer of choice for UAE Nationals and a leader in Emiratization not only in our industry but within the UAE," said Ibrahim Mohamed Lari, Chief Executive Officer, Injazat Data Systems.
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