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Injazat and Thales collaborate to bring innovative cybersecurity services to the UAE

Injazat and Thales are collaborating on an advanced and innovative Cybersecurity offering for UAE companies.
The two recognized information technology experts are working together to address the key cyber risks to companies’ businesses and strengthen companies’ cybersecurity operations through a fully managed cyber security service. The 24/7 cyber security service will be delivered from Injazat’s Tiers IV and ISO 27001 certified data center in Abu Dhabi. It will provide situational awareness and incident response continuous monitoring services that will be fully compliant with international information assurance frameworks.
Furthermore, Injazat and Thales will be extending this offer so as to provide critical infrastructures of the UAE with a complete cyber security protection scope, relying on Thales’s solutions and Injazat delivery capabilities.
“Every day the world grows more dependent on the Internet; nations now rely heavily on IT infrastructure to operate and support their financial markets, transportation networks, energy grids and public agencies to protect the health and security of their citizens. While this growth opens up a lot of opportunities, it also brings accompanying risks,” said Ibrahim Lari, Chief Executive Officer, Injazat Data Systems.
“The Internet is an evolving technology that carries both enormous potential and vulnerabilities. Cybersecurity operation centers are thus becoming essential in providing enhanced defensive capabilities to address all forms of risks, threats and attacks. Through our work with Thales, we aim to deliver advanced and innovative cybersecurity solutions from a world-class Cybersecurity Operation Centre that is ready to face a constantly evolving global threat landscape,” added Lari.
Marc Darmon, Thales Executive Vice President - Secure Communications and Information Systems, said: “Thales and Injazat provide an operational answer to the cybersecurity challenges in the Region. We believe that the proactive approach of Thales in cybersecurity combined with the highly reliable infrastructure of Injazat will provide our customers with high security and an added value in their risk management by supplying a situational awareness of their threats.”

As a world leader in secure communications and information systems, Thales brings to the table extensive know-how in security audits and security consulting, development and integration of cybersecurity solutions and security services.
Thales draws on distinctive expertise in the supervision and administration of large-scale information systems and networks. Since 2001, Thales has operated a world class cyber security operations centre for critical infrastructures. It provides 24/7 supervision of the information systems of major corporate customers and also detects and responds to cyberattacks.
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