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Emirati internship initiative and successful programs implemented by Injazat Data Systems

The AmCham Abu Dhabi U.A.E. Relations Committee hosted an interactive seminar, “Attracting and Developing U.A.E. Talent”. This seminar unveiled AmCham Abu Dhabi’s Emirati internship initiative and discussed successful internship programs implemented by U.A.E. and U.S. companies.

Over 130 top business executives, distinguished Emirati guests, and U.S. Embassy officials attended the event, including The Honorable Michael Corbin, U.S. Ambassador to the U.A.E., and Dr. Tayeb A. Kamali, Vice Chancellor of Higher Colleges of Technology (HCT).

The interactive seminar informed participants about practices to implement Emiratization and highlighted internship programs from Mubadala GE Capital, Advanced Technology Investment Company (ATIC), and Injazat Data Systems. U.A.E. nationals provided testimonials about the benefits of their respective internship programs.

Guy Mehula, President of Parsons International Limited, and Chair of AmCham’s U.A.E. Relations Committee, moderated the seminar. “One of the many benefits American companies bring to the region is the ability to promote knowledge transfer to the U.A.E. work force,” said Mehula. “I am proud to participate in this AmCham internship initiative, set up to share the best practices occurring now, that can be emulated by other companies in the region.”
“AmCham Abu Dhabi is proud to announce our Emirati internship initiative,” said Matthew E. Byrd, Chairman, AmCham Abu Dhabi. “The initiative will help U.S. and U.A.E. businesses to prosper together and implement best practices in Emiratization.”

Ronald Herman, CEO, Mubadala GE Capital said, “In addition to financing the growth of local businesses, we are also committed to the development of our local talent. We are fortunate to have two strong shareholders, Mubadala and GE, and we leverage their expertise and resources to develop our employees.

Injazat’s initiative has been instrumental in raising the job proficiencies and leadership skills of professionals across the UAE. By actively participating in the long-term human resource development goals of Abu Dhabi via initiatives such as internships, private-sector organizations ultimately benefit from the broader pool of talent created. The initiative forms part of Injazat’s continued efforts to support the development of future leaders who are highly-skilled, productive and professional workers as outlined in Abu Dhabi Vision 2030.

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