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Abu Dhabi Racing and Injazat Data Systems cooperate with Kaspersky Lab to develop the security industry in the region

Two government-related organizations in Abu Dhabi announced partnerships with Kaspersky Lab, the world’s largest privately held vendor of endpoint protection solutions.
Abu Dhabi Racing extended its agreement with the security company for a second year, providing continued support for the strategy to boost motorsport opportunities for Emiratis and raise IT security awareness. It also contributed to the establishment of another important partnership that was signed off today between Kaspersky Lab and the industry recognized Information Technology market leader in the region, Injazat Data Systems. The two companies will combine their efforts to make IT systems in the region more secure.
The Managing Director of Abu Dhabi Racing, Khaled Al Qubaisi said: “Since we launched Abu Dhabi Racing at the end of 2012, we have continued to work hard to secure further strategic partnerships to promote Abu Dhabi, as well as provide the next crop of UAE National motor sport drivers with the opportunities, facilities and guidance to compete on a professional level internationally. Renewing our partnership agreement with Kaspersky Lab is an important step towards achieving our objectives. Kaspersky Lab is an international name in motorsport and we are delighted that they continue to see the potential of the Emirati motorsports and support our vision.”
The renewed partnership agreement with Kaspersky Lab will help Abu Dhabi Racing fund a number of initiatives to bolster the emirate’s presence in global motorsport. Kaspersky Lab branding, which has appeared on Ferrari’s F1 cars for four consecutive seasons, will be carried by Abu Dhabi Racing at some of the world’s top Circuit Racing events such as the FIA World Endurance Championship (FIA WEC).
The Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signed today between Injazat Data Systems and Kaspersky Lab underlines intentions to develop high-quality IT solutions powered by Kaspersky Lab’s leading security technologies and expertise.
Ibrahim Mohamed Lari, Chief Executive Officer, Injazat Data Systems, commented: “Cyber security is a critical concern in the UAE and across the GCC, where governments are intensifying efforts to nurture knowledge-based societies. Threats continue to multiply and evolve, so we need to adopt the best measures and to ensure safe and reliable IT services for our customers. Our agreement with Kaspersky Lab signifies a major step forward in this regard. With its proven global leadership in cyber security, Kaspersky Lab will be a vital ally in helping us deliver security solutions and resilient services, raise public awareness on cyber threats, and effectively defend our own organization against intrusions and attacks.”
Veniamin Levtsov, Vice-President, Corporate Sales and Business Development, Kaspersky Lab, said: “Information security nowadays is most effective when powerful products are supplemented by professional services. That is why we are sure that our cooperation with Injazat Data Systems and our on-going work with Abu Dhabi Racing will be beneficial for everyone. We believe that the importance of Managed Security Service Providers will continue to increase. Injazat Data Systems is a leading regional MSSP and we look forward to powering their team of experts with Kaspersky Lab technologies and starting intensive work on raising cyber security levels in the region.”
Under the terms of the agreement, Injazat and Kaspersky Lab will share expertise in various cyber security domains and jointly pursue business opportunities in the UAE and other parts of the GCC. The MoU anticipates a wide range of services and activities, including:
-professional training on cyber security forensics and malware binary reverse engineering; -educational initiatives to raise cyber safety awareness among employees; remote and on-site malware incident response handling; -security intelligence including malware statistics, epidemic alerts, and global malware tracking; -security assessments including pen-testing and IT security audits; -provision of services to regional customers based on Kaspersky Security Network data; -web site security.
The signatories will initially work to prepare a training program schedule for 2015, deploy Kaspersky Lab products at Injazat’s premises, and develop an interaction protocol to respond to malware incidents that will eventually form part of customer services, among others.
Gianluca Meloni, General Manager in the Middle East for Media and Sport Management, the sponsorship agency, official partner and re-seller for Kaspersky Lab, commented: “We are glad to see that the agreement endorsed last year between Abu Dhabi Racing, Kaspersky Lab and MSM has grown into an important business for Kaspersky Lab in Abu Dhabi. Today we are confirming this trend and announcing an important strategic partnership between Kaspersky Lab and Injazat. Media & Sport Management is glad to be involved in this partnership and we are sure that this approach will lead to greater achievements for Kaspersky Lab, not only in Abu Dhabi but in the whole Middle East Region.”
Injazat highlights technology’s impact on effective governance & economic growth at M-Government conference.
Injazat Data Systems highlighted the power of technology to stimulate local and regional development and support smart governance at the M-Government Abu Dhabi 2014.
Injazat, the Gold Sponsor of the upcoming conference, will demonstrate its industry-leading ‘smart’ IT solutions with a particular focus on its Mobility solutions. M-Government Abu Dhabi 2014 will gather the world’s foremost government, business and technology leaders to exchange knowledge and experiences as the region prepares for the next stage of its ‘smart government’ transformation.
Ibrahim Mohamed Lari, Chief Executive Officer, Injazat Data Systems, said: “Governments in the Middle East are capitalizing on the power and reach of mobile platforms and smart technologies to serve and engage their citizens faster and better. In a bid to support the Abu Dhabi Government’s IT-driven development efforts, Injazat has been at the forefront to create smart and secure solutions and develop National expertise.”
“M-Government Abu Dhabi 2014 is an excellent venue for consolidating regional experiences and visions related to the use of ‘smart’ solutions for optimizing government efficiencies and public services and helping fulfill the Abu Dhabi Government’s long-term growth agenda,” he added.
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