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Injazat expands its secure cloud offering to meet growing demand for cloud services in the UAE

Enhanced portfolio of cloud services to address need for secure, reliable cloud computing technologies
Injazat Data Systems announced further enhancements in the areas of enterprise cloud solutions to address the growing demand by businesses across the Middle East looking to adopt advanced cloud technologies.
In the UAE alone, cloud services are expected to grow at a rate of 43.7 per cent until 2016 according to a report from the International Data Corporation (IDC). Injazat’s new breed of cloud technologies provide the performance, scalability and accessibility that users demand, which, in turn, will lead to increased awareness of the opportunities offered by cloud computing. Furthermore, the robust and secure Injazat cloud framework, together with enhanced security services, will have a significant and positive impact on organizations’ time-to-market, compliance and costs.
Injazat has recently seen a significant uptake of high-performance cloud technologies which has quickly become a major focus for both government and enterprise customers across the UAE.  The enhanced portfolio of secure cloud services is designed to provide maximum uptime and flexibility with the highest levels of data security.
Ibrahim Mohamed Lari, CEO, Injazat said: “Businesses today are increasingly realizing the benefits of cloud computing and seeking solutions that are more flexible, cost effective and secure. With our enhanced portfolio of secure cloud services, Injazat offers these organizations a platform to combine the highest security levels with the reliability of the cloud and join enterprise IT movements towards virtualization, big data and advanced data recovery.”
Injazat’s new service will play a key role in optimizing business efficiencies in the UAE, further supporting its efforts to establish the UAE as a regional leader for advanced technology adoption. The offering builds on the company’s eight-year track record of market leadership and its pioneering approach to managed services. Injazat continues to augment key technology sectors such as cloud computing to accelerate the development of Abu Dhabi, in particular, into a full-fledged knowledge-based economy under the Emirate’s Economic Vision 2030 development strategy.
Injazat will also offer secure cloud services to businesses across the Middle East, delivering local support combined with a mature framework of integrated processes and governance. Overlaying the various models will be Injazat Security Services and Injazat Consulting Services, which will help ensure that customers are linked with the best solution mix for their needs based on security requirements and industry trends.
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