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Cyber Security Services

IT Security threats, worldwide and in the Middle East region, are not only growing in number but also in sophistication, requiring more robust defense measures to minimize the risk of security incidents causing disruptions to critical business functions and impacting customers. Service providers with end to end capability are becoming the default choice for Enterprises.

With rising market expectations and requirements for Business and IT Security, UAE Enterprises are under pressure to address conflicting priorities amongst speed-to-market, cost and Security. Injazat Security Services help overcome these challenges in the most efficient and reliable way, ensuring a consistent and effective delivery of the highest quality IT security services to Enterprise clients.

The below diagram depicts the frame work to address the end to end security requirements starting from requirement analysis, architecture to adhere with security policies and ongoing operations to govern the security for the organization:

·         Architecture, Design & Implementation

·         Consultancy, Compliance and Governance

·         Managed Security Intelligence/Operations Center

·         Cloud Based Security Services

What sets us apart:

·         Locally-based SOC in highly secure, government owned Tier 4 facility.  Our services are all delivered locally from our Tier-4 Data Center in Abu Dhabi; data resides within UAE,    providing the highest level of security and resiliency.

·         Broad portfolio of Security services and solutions tailored to meet local security requirements and the evolving needs of UAE public and private Enterprises.  We have full range of IT Security services and solution to suit the special needs of UAE Enterprises and to meet local regulatory and compliance requirements.

·         Full access to global Threat Intelligence knowledge base.  The threat intelligence feed from Injazat’s partner network provide our customers with cyber situational awareness and global threat intelligence.

·         Structured knowledge transfer and development program for Emiratis aspiring to become part of Injazat’s unique pool of cyber-security specialists. Injazat is fully aligned with UAE’s goal to strengthen the country’s human capital and build a pool of talented IT resources specialized in security to help protect UAE critical national infrastructures and Enterprises.

Architecture, Design & Implementation

Injazat has a wealth of experience and knowledge with regards to architecture, design and Implementation for security based solutions.  Whether a green filed or a brown field, Injazat has a strong team to understand the security policies relevant for an enterprise and to architect an end to end solution based on the business requirement, meeting the UAE specific security policies.  Injazat architecture, design and implementation capabilities include the following:

Network Security

·         Perimeter Network – Specialized security controls to protect the IT systems on designated perimeters in Network Infrastructure;

·         Intrusion Prevention - Detect & prevent intruders and intrusions against IT systems using basic to advanced intrusion prevention technologies;

·         Data Loss Prevention - Controlling the circulation and leakage of business confidential information;

·         Network Access Control - Policy based admission control of IT endpoints on Network platform for corporate users and guests.

Core Infrastructure Security

·         Cloud Security – Provision of security policies and mechanism for various types of cloud deployments to ensure that the cloud services are protected;

·         Email Security– The detection, prevention and management of any malicious code, spam mail, potential viruses or questionable content on a client’s incoming and outgoing email;

·         Web Security – Provision and support of the encryption and security of data that is exchanged as part of the web site services and its function;

·         Database Security – The provision of the security controls to protect databases against compromises of data confidentiality, integrity and availability.

Applications Security

·         Web Application Security – Web Application protection and countermeasures against Internet threats, attacks & vulnerabilities;

·         Identity and Access Management – The management of authentication, authorization and privileges to an enterprise system for corporate users and guests;

·         Data Loss Prevention – Monitoring and controlling the prevention and detection of any data breaches and anomalies in data and data leakage;

·         Application Vulnerability Assessment & Management – the testing of a client’s application environment with the intention of finding potential security weaknesses and areas of vulnerability.

Endpoint Security

·         Mobility – The provision and management of security policies for a client’s mobile workforce through centralized security controls, which includes solutions such as MDM, Mobile Application Management etc.;

·         Encryption – The provision and management of security encryption of data on individual clients end user devices for increased data protection;

·         Data Loss Prevention – Monitoring and controlling the detection and then management of any data breaches or data leakage through end user devices;

·         End Point Protection – Real time monitoring of end user mobile devices in line with a client’s information security policies.

The design and architecture team closely work with the Injazat Security Consultants to translate the security controls and requirements into IT architecture. This may include solutions to secure against traditional threats such as DoS, Phishing and Advanced Persistence Threats such as malwares.

Compliance and Governance

Security compliance and regulatory obligations for UAE business has become even more critical in the cyber security space to ensure the appropriate confidentiality of services, integrity of data and the desired service availability for both UAE business and its users.

Injazat services helps UAE customers to design their strategic security services, assess and test their defenses, understand the steps required to resolve critical information security breaches and to meet mandate compliance.

Business Continuity Management (BCM) is primarily driven from a Corporate Governance perspective where accountability and responsibility is assigned to manage the risk exposure and appropriate risk countermeasures of an organization which forms the ultimate goal of the business continuity management and disaster recovery planning.

Business Continuity Management

Business Continuity Planning (BCP) provides a client business with the proactive continuity planning and reactive recovery planning of the business functions and emergency management of the corporate environment as a whole. This service proactively improves an organization’s resilience against unplanned outages or downtime, a rehearsed method of restoring and delivers a proven capability to manage a business disruption that protects the organization’s reputation and brand.

Disaster Recovery Services

The Disaster Recovery Planning (DRP) service provides the proactive availability management and reactive recovery planning of the technology that supports the business and to restore critical business functions business back up to an agreed level, within the maximum tolerable period of unscheduled down time.

Consulting, GRC and UAE Specific Policy Services

GRC and UAE Specific Policy Services is a Security Consultancy & Risk Assessment Service that provides advisory services to clients with recommendations for security compliance with the UAE specific policies, security improvements, risk mitigation plan and improves operational efficiency. Injazat services helps UAE customers to design their strategic security services, assess and test their defenses, understand the steps required to resolve critical information security breaches and to meet mandated compliance. Injazat has the capability to design, build, implement and operate a dedicated SOC for Clients with the specific requirement to have own SOC at their premises.

Security Intelligence Center (Next Generation SOC)

Security Operations Center

Injazat “Security Operation Center” (SOC) Services are designed to support the IT security needs of UAE Enterprises in line with global best practices, as well as with local government regulatory and compliance requirements.  SOC Services are OPEX based, ‘pay as you go’ hosted services from Injazat, which in turn reduces your upfront capital investment, hosting and maintenance costs, technology refresh cycle and procurement process hassles.

The SOC environment is managed and monitored 24 hours per day, 7 days a week (24x7) and are all delivered locally from our highly secure, government-owned Tier-4 Data Center facility in Abu Dhabi, providing the highest level of security and resiliency.  Injazat SOC Portfolio is continuously evolving to keep abreast of latest market development, and currently comprises of the following services:

·         Managed Security Log Collection and Retention Services (SOC-LOG)

Managed log collection and retention service (SOC-LOG) is designed to meet basic compliance requirements for security logs collection, retention and reporting. This service includes the provisioning of the central SOC platform for collection of security logs and storage for retaining the logs, which can then be used for security compliance and regulatory requirements;

·         Managed Security Information and Event Management (SOC-SIEM)

Managed Security Information and Event Management service (SOC-SIEM) provides proactive monitoring of security related events of source devices based on pre-defined correlation rules. SOC-SIEM uses reputation intelligence with the security information and event management to further protect and reduce business risk.  Through correlating security events with vetted security intelligence, threats can be detected earlier and acted upon by the client to mitigate any potential risk accordingly;

·         Managed Security Incident Management Service (SOC-IM)

Security Incident Management Services provides the knowledge and expertise to assist in resolving a security related Incident detected by the SOC-SIEM services. This service includes analysis of the security incident by Injazat security analysts and coordinating with the Client to assist in the expedition of the resolution and rectification of a security incident.

·         Managed Threat and Vulnerability Assessment Services (SOC-TVA)

Managed Treat and Vulnerability Assessment Services provide the assessment scan reports for a client’s hardware and software devices without interruption. It also provides managed operation support, from configuring the technology and scheduling scans to reviewing and analysis of the results. By identifying the vulnerabilities in a client’s environment and providing detailed analysis and remediation guidance, our Threat and Vulnerability Management Service helps clients reduce business exposure, comply with regulations and safeguard their businesses.

·         Managed Security Threat Intelligence Services (SOC-TM)

Cyber-attacks are unfortunately continuously increasing in not only severity, but also in frequency. Injazat’s Managed Security Threat Intelligent services provide an intelligence-based Security framework, which enables the proactive identification of threats against an organizations IT environment. Our services help to manage security threats by integrating Intelligence-Based Security into your organization so that your business remains safe. Injazat’s global threat feed notifies Clients on the most relevant threats from across the world.

·         Managed Reverse Engineering Services (SOC-RES)

Managed Reverse Engineering Services provides the forensics to reverse engineer malware and suspect applications in order to obtain valuable information that drives new security content used to protect from future compromises.

·         Managed Rapid Response Team (SOC-RRT)

Managed Rapid Response service is a unique combination of services that deliver proactive intelligence about, and management of security incidents.  This service provides the expertise that will assist clients to deal with incidents swiftly and effectively while minimizing loss, damage and business disruption. 

Cloud Based Security Services

Injazat’s Enterprise Cloud is designed to support your business to provide maximum uptime and flexibility based on the business requirement. We offer a wide range of cloud based security services from our Tier IV data center to support a client’s business under the matured framework of integrated processes and IT governance.   Cloud based Security Services also provides many benefits for new enterprises to establish their business quickly with agility, faster time to market and at an attractive commercial model.

Injazat supports client’s business with a pay-as-you-go model without any upfront capital investment, all delivered locally from Injazat’s Secure Tier IV Data Center.  The Enterprise Cloud Security Services Portfolio comprises of the following services:

·         Managed Web Application Firewall Service

This service provides 24x7 Web Application protections from Internet attacks and vulnerabilities.  The WAF service provides the ability to protect and accelerate web communications and business applications, which in turn mitigates security risk and vulnerabilities.

·         Managed Reverse Proxy Service

The Managed Reverse Proxy Service securely isolates servers from direct Internet access and provides the security level of authentication and policy support to enforce user access control.

·         Managed Firewall Service

The MFS provides secured cloud services to the hosted infrastructure by separating the un-trusted Network from a trusted Network which includes the firewall system, monitoring and management. This service assists to mitigate risk and achieve higher levels of security without the cost or pain associated with self-certification;

·         Managed Intrusion Prevention and Detection Service

The MIPS and MIDS service provides the 24 x 7 monitoring, protection and the related management activities against high severity alerts and malicious content signatures.  This service is delivered on a secured cloud model to detect/prevent security related incidents for clients hosted within the Injazat tier IV data center. 

·         Managed Internet Content Intrusion Service

MICS is a true concept of Cloud services that provides checks on content received from the Internet to ensure it matches the Internet usage and security Policy.  MICS monitors the internet traffic utilization and identifies anomalies, isolates faults and restores MICS following a Service disruption. 

·         Managed Denial of Service

This service provides the proactive 24 x 7 monitoring to detect anomalies in network traffic so that the deflection and mitigating action can be taken before the attack impacts your critical business.

·         Managed Mail Gateway Service

The Managed Mail Gateway Service automatically scans and then filters all incoming and outgoing email on your Internet gateway for any malicious code, spam mail, potential viruses or questionable content.


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