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 Enterprise Cloud Services

Enterprise Cloud Services

Injazat’s Enterprise Cloud is designed to support your business to provide maximum uptime and flexibility based on the business requirement. The Enterprise Cloud Services Portfolio comprises of:

Cloud Services for Large Enterprises: We offer a range of cloud services for large enterprises from our Tier IV data center to support their business under the matured framework of integrated processes and IT governance.

Cloud Services for Small and Medium Enterprises: We help small and medium enterprises to establish their business quickly with agility, faster time to market and at an attractive commercial model.

Cloud Consulting Services: We offer a range of consulting services to our customers to take them through the best approach for the journey towards cloud. The range of Enterprise Cloud Services includes:

Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS)

Injazat offers Disaster Recovery as a Service to our customers to help establish a comprehensive DR framework and support their business with adequate business continuity requirements.

  • Infrastructure for DR Setup locally available with in UAE and hosted at Injazat Tier IV design certified premier data center.
  • The service comprises of end-to-end managed services including periodic DR drill for the infrastructure and application
  • Option to grow to multi-level and multi-tier DR for maximum cost benefit and business continuity.
Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

Injazat offers a wide range of Infrastructure as Service to meet your business requirements with more agility and flexibility. This highly resilient and scalable platform enables your business with unlimited possibilities to grow, expand and optimize based on the challenging market requirements. Injazat’s unique approach for offering a combination of cloud services provides maximum value to our customers.

Managed Storage & Backup as a Service

Injazat Managed Storage Services provide the foundation to place the right information, on the right media, at the right time, moving from a traditional delivery model to an enterprise-wide information lifecycle management strategy. This streamlines costs, improves information availability, and provides flexibility to meet changing business needs.

Injazat Managed Storage Services add more specialized service options that improve management of risk associated with the storage of information. The following provides summaries of available standard packages and their primary focus in terms of business value:

  • Performance Storage
    Addresses the mission critical, high availability, ultra high performance requirements of the most demanding enterprise clients
  • Standard Storage
    Addresses the mission critical, high availability, high performance requirements of most enterprise clients
  • Capacity Storage
    Addresses business needs that require high availability, with performance and a cost-effective solution

Injazat Managed Backup Services provide information-centric and flexible managed backup and restore services designed for the full spectrum of corporate needs.  These services are structured to meet appropriate requirements of accessibility, integrity and recoverability in a usage-based pricing model. These proven managed services, including integrated hardware, software and service solutions cover the entire range of storage architectures and information demands, and are intelligently tailored to your business.

The Services provide flexibility, from basic tape-based backup all the way to high-performance disk-based backup. Clients can choose the appropriate Recovery Point Objectives ranging from days to the last transaction, and Recovery Time Objectives ranging from days to less than an hour.

  • Recovery Time Objective (RTO):
    The objective time to recover data so that it is available to a host.
  • Recovery Point Objective (RPO):
    The objective point in time to which data must be restored. This is often thought of as the time between the last available backup and the time at which a disruption occurred.

Managed Endpoint Data Protection Services

Managed Endpoint Data Protection Self-service (MEDPS) is a simple-yet-powerful solution to protect Enterprise data on PCs, and provide the necessary backup to safeguard both desktops and laptops. The solution is designed to reduce business risks by providing an automatic and transparent online backup and on-demand recovery of data. This easy-to-access solution frees up IT time and resources, while ensuring secure and reliable backup based on proven technology.

The Endpoint Data Protection Self-service provides these functions:

  • Backup:
    Scheduled and automatic backup is transparent to users
  • Recovery:
    Users can recover lost files quickly and easily, whenever, and wherever needed
  • Access:
    Internet based access lets users backup data anywhere, without IT intervention

Managed Network & Security as a Service

Injazat offers a range of innovative Managed Network & Security Services to help our clients achieve high performance using next generation Multi-Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) technology for their communications infrastructure. From design and deployment, to monitoring and maintenance; Injazat Managed Network & Security Services enables clients to implement new network technologies across the enterprise, control cost, reduce risk to business, and run network infrastructure securely regardless of complexity.

Injazat services includes proactive monitoring and management to support the client’s business environment 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, using the latest monitoring and management tool framework.

The key features includes:

  • Convergence ready and standard data service options
  • Service class based network availability targets
  • Systems design, engineering, implementation, integration, and testing
  • Structured change management processes
  • Proactive 24x7 ongoing support and service management
  • Incident management
  • Performance reporting
  • Lifecycle management

Enterprise Management as a Service

Injazat is a pioneer in the region with the concept of Enterprise Management as a Service that addresses the monitoring of corporate infrastructure and application of an enterprise with the lowest Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). It helps the client leverage the best of breed monitoring services and support business excellence with pay-as-you-go approach without any upfront capital investment (CAPEX). More importantly, Injazat offers peace-of-mind to the customer by releasing their concerns regarding technology selection, technology obsolescence, compatibility, on-going administration, staff management, service disruption and maintenance, service levels, scalability of adding new components as business needs change, etc.

Managed Security Information Event Management as a Service

In the changing business environment and cyber threat landscape, it is imperative to have a robust correlation tool to understand the overall threat profile. Injazat offers end-to-end services to help the client to receive proper reports to understand and deploy adequate preventive measures to protect the business. The SIEM features includes:

  • Provides near real-time security analysis of logs & events
  • Log Collection, Management, Analysis and Monitoring
  • Proactively monitor the logs and corresponding alerts generated from monitored devices & reporting
  • Identify rogue and unauthorized network services/devices
  • Monitor real-time alerts generated from correlation rules

Managed Mail Gateway as a Service

Injazat offers world class platform for mail gateway as a service to filter and apply requisites rule for mail traffic. The feature includes:

  • Email malware protection including virus/worm protection and spam prevention using multiple methods of filtering and detection.
  • Avoids network stoppages & slowdowns, and keeps the business up and running, hence maintains the business continuity.
  • The content filtering scans incoming and outgoing emails to make sure sensitive information stays in and malware stays out; hence maintain secure environment in the organization.

 Key Benefits

Key Benefits

Few of the key benefits of Injazat’s Enterprise Cloud Services are as mentioned below.

The cost of delivering IT services to your organization needs to be reduced without impact service levels. Injazat’s Enterprise Cloud Services delivers a highly available IT platform, hosted and managed by Injazat from Injazat’s state of the art Tier IV data center in UAE. Free from upfront capital investment, pay-as-you-grow model and pay for only based on the allocated resources.
Changing technology puts pressure on IT department to choose the right platform, refresh periodically and maintain & retain skill sets Injazat’s Enterprise Cloud Services includes best-of-breed technology platform, periodic technology updates & refresh as per industry best practices. The service is managed by subject matter experts as per the best framework such as ITIL, ISO27001 Protects customer from technology obsolescence, enable customer to concentrate on the core business
Constant change within your organization makes budgeting and planning difficult such as ad-hoc capacities required now for short duration (or) free-up certain spaces. Injazat's Enterprise Cloud Services enables quick provisioning on demand and enable customer to choose the right mix of services. The service can scale up or down according to requirements. Faster time-to-market. Maximum cost benefit
Building internal skills to provide higher levels of security and control for mission critical data. Injazat's Enterprise Cloud Services is hosted in a highly secure Tier IV datacenter and built to ISO27001 standards. Regular testing of procedures and security are carried out as standard. You can mitigate risk and achieve higher levels of security without the cost or pain associated with self-certification.


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