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Agile Teams

For many enterprises, software development is stuck in the past: large specialized teams, working slowly towards one major goal. But with the speed of business increasing every day, such approaches may not work any more. 

Injazat helps bring a fresher, faster approach to application development to its clients, which can allow them to bring better apps to market faster: Agile Teams.  

What is Agile?

Along with the revolution in mobile and web applications, which has seen the number of apps in the world explode dramatically, there has also been a revolution in how those apps are developed. 

Apps in people’s hands, accessible with just a few swipes and presses, means greater opportunity – but also means that speed to market is more critical than ever. And so developers turned to alternative approaches – in particular Agile development, a movement with deep roots, but which came to prominence at the start of the new millennium. 

Put simply, Agile is an iterative process, often based around small teams that work in short “sprints” to complete a limited goal – followed by another sprint, and so on, until the app is ready to be released. All development and testing is completed within each sprint, meaning the app being developed is functional after each iteration – even if it is not complete.

 Agile Teams can vary depending on the project, but often consist of just five to six people, including the Product Owner – who is often the client. 

Benefits of Agile

Agile development can bring a functional product to market far faster than traditional methods. By focusing on adding features incrementally, rather than developing them all in one go, Agile allows an enterprise to release a working app quickly – and then add additional features to it later, after release. 

Agile development can also adapt to a changing brief, or to customer feedback, much more easily. If during the course of development the client’s needs change, the Agile team can pivot, and start working towards the changed goal, without having to scrap the whole project. 

For customer-facing apps an Agile team can incorporate end-user feedback as part of the iterative process. Rather than waiting until the final fully-featured product is completed to see how users respond, Agile allows a company to gather real-world user feedback much earlier in the process, and respond to it immediately. 

Clients can also benefit directly from Agile development, by being part of the development team itself, if appropriate. This can give a client representative a greater insight into the development process, and help them refine their ideas for the project. 

Is Agile Right For Me? 

Agile development may suit organisations that: 

  • Need to get a mobile, web or other application to market as fast as possible.
  • Have changing or unclear product requirements.
  • Want to experiment with new features.
  • Want to make use of user feedback or usage data in development.
  • Want greater insight into the development process, including daily updates and regular demonstrations. 


Whatever your needs or requirements, Injazat is fully equipped to take on Agile development projects. With our highly trained and experienced development teams, and more than 13 years’ experience in app development, we are the perfect partner for your mobile or web app project – and will see the project through to completion, from beginning to end.

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