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Application Enhancement Services

As the needs of your organisation change, your IT systems must change along with them – and Injazat will be there every step of the way, to help evolve and develop your applications in whatever ways are required, with our Application Enhancement Services (AES).

From configuration updates and new feature implementations to full custom extensions or custom solutions, Injazat AES can help your applications remain fit for purpose, when faced with even rapidly changing needs from your organisation. And beyond simply making changes, Injazat will be available to offer support into the future, to ensure your applications remain relevant, up to date and secure.

In order to deliver stable, reliable and useful applications, Injazat AES employs a highly systematic process for the development and deployment of enhancements, covering the following areas: 

Change Management
A robust change management process is vital to the success of any application enhancement programme. First, the request for a change must be completely understood, and assessed in terms of its business impact through a cost-benefit analysis.

Then, before changes can be made to an application, it is critical to assess how the changes will affect your existing implementation. As part of its Application Enhancement Service, Injazat performs a full impact analysis on any proposed change, allowing your organisation to be aware of the effects changes will have, and to prepare accordingly.

Testing Services
Once an enhancement has been developed, a thorough and systematic testing regimen is critical to make sure the change does not have a negative impact on an organisation’s existing application landscape. Even a minor code change can have significant and unexpected effects – so avoiding this is a critical requirement.

Injazat AES includes full regression testing, customised to suit your organisation’s requirements, with hundreds to thousands of test cases run repeatedly. By working with you and your users, Injazat can ensure enhancement testing covers real-world requirements, not simply a generic list of tasks.

Configuration Management
Configuration Management (CM), and the robust documentation of any changes made, will pay long-term dividends to your organisation, by helping engineers in the future understand exactly what was implemented, what it was designed to do, and how it works.

Following industry-standard CM practices also brings benefits to your organisation right now, by giving a full understanding of the costs of the changes in terms of time, effort, downtime and resources – and so helping your management understand what the change will mean for the organisation.

Once an application enhancement has been developed and deployed, Injazat will continue to document any further changes, bug fixes or additional enhancements, to ensure all documentation remains up-to-date.

Release Management
After an application enhancement has been requested, scoped, developed, tested and documented, it can finally be deployed. But while this can appear to be a simple final step, in reality the release of a new feature can bring significant challenges for an organisation, especially when it is in use on live systems, with real users.

Injazat can help manage the release of any new enhancement with practices including a phased and carefully monitored roll-out, robust monitoring of application, database and infrastructure performance – and verification the enhancement is doing what it was designed to do. Where appropriate, a release management plan can also include contingency plans to roll back an enhancement if required in the interests of business continuity.

And along with the technical aspects of a release, Injazat will also be there to make sure all relevant users are fully trained in how to use the new application features, and be available for helpdesk and troubleshooting duties as well.

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