Emerging technologies

Emerging technologies

Emerging technologies

Artificial Intelligence

Advances in machine learning and artificial intelligence have opened up new worlds for enterprises. No longer just the preserve of tech giants, AI is now benefiting organisations of any size, anywhere in the world – and new advances are continually bringing fresh possibilities to the fore.

With the help of Injazat and our partners around the world, you can generate meaningful insights from your data, build accurate prediction models, and automate your workload. We’re here to help you discover how AI can benefit your business, and develop practical solutions tailored to your needs.

Injazat provides the following services in the field of Artificial Intelligence: 

Big Data Analysis:

Enterprises have long been able to collect potentially useful data – but turning the potential into the actual has remained a significant challenge, until recently.

Now, with the development of AI-driven Big Data analytical tools, organisations can mine their data for practicable, actionable insights.

Artificial intelligence systems can help create connections and find patterns that would have remained hidden in the past, adding new levels of insight into data sets. AI data analysis can bring new meaning to functions such as customer loyalty schemes, helping organisations take a deep – but useful – dive into their customers’ behaviour. 

Process Automation:

No longer just the preserve of big manufacturers, automation is here and delivering results for enterprises of all kinds, from logistics to healthcare, in departments from sales to customer service.

AI-powered automation tools can help prevent errors and increase productivity, and are able to take on many tasks that, while routine, would previously have required human involvement to complete. By automating these, you can allow your human workforce to move away from rote work, and concentrate on what they do best. 

Communication Automation:

Developments in artificial intelligence have made automating customer communications a reality – and not just for tech giants such as Amazon and Apple, but for any enterprise.

Injazat can help you build interactive chatbots, which can reduce the load on your staff by handling straightforward queries without human intervention. And for more complex cases, a bot knows when to hand off the query to customer service staff, letting them focus their attention where it is most needed. 

Video Analytics:

Powerful image and video analytics tools can enable advanced automated surveillance solutions. Improved security is only one possibility – with these capabilities, enterprises can leverage their existing video capture systems for more advanced purposes, including behavioural research and customer insights.

Features such as facial recognition, tracking and vehicle detection are all possible using artificial intelligence-powered systems. Across sectors such as retail, event management, security and surveillance, transportation, oil & gas and more, video analytics can open up a whole range of new possibilities. 

Predictive Analysis:

Seeing into the future is no longer science fiction, but a meaningful tool for all types of enterprises. With access to the right data, and with careful, thoughtful development, artificial intelligence-enabled solutions can provide meaningful predictions for your organisation.

Gain insight into how your KPI performance is likely to change and evolve, and model how changes may affect the future, thanks to smart pattern recognition algorithms. Deep learning systems can interpret business results for greater insights into how your organisation is performing – and generate educated predictions that can be used to back up decisions, or even new business strategies.

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