Emerging technologies

Emerging technologies

Emerging technologies


Navigating the world of blockchain can be difficult – this is why Injazat works with trusted blockchain experts around the world. Our blockchain development channel allows us to deliver bespoke services such as Decentralized Application (DApp), Smart Contract and Private Blockchain development – as well as offer design and discovery consultation services from the earliest stages of a project. 

Decentralized Applications

DApps are designed for resilience: powered by a blockchain, they have no single point of failure, are not controlled by any single entity, and can connect users and providers directly. This makes DApps one of the safest, most secure options for sensitive applications. Our blockchain development channel can handle DApp creation from whitepaper all the way through to build and blockchain integration.

Smart Contracts

By removing the middleman, blockchain-powered smart contracts can allow transactions – including high-value contracts – to be automated, and sped up. To ensure seamless delivery of smart contract projects, technical expertise is key: our blockchain partners have nearly a decade of experience in developing large-scale projects for international organisations.

Private Blockchain

While public blockchains such as Bitcoin and Ethereum have garnered much of the attention around the technology, many smart organisations are turning to private blockchain development. By controlling your own blockchain, you can have the best of all worlds: a robust, decentralized system to manage data, transactions or supply chains, without risking privacy and security. 

For any blockchain project, we offer the following service areas: 

Blockchain Design

We make sure the user comes first in your blockchain project, with our Design Thinking and User Interface/User Experience teams guiding you through the design journey. 

Discovery Workshop

We’ve developed our discovery workshops to help you understand the potential of blockchains – and to help identify the best blockchain-enabled solutions for your business challenges. 

Blockchain Industry Solutions 

Blockchain is a powerful emerging technology, the potential of which is still being explored across a number of industries. Injazat can help our clients explore the possibilities of blockchain in many sectors – below are just a few potential applications: 

Financial Services: 

Cross-border Payments

Making international funds transfers has long been a slow, frustrating and expensive process. But blockchain can make cross-border payments faster, simpler and cheaper than ever before. 

Share Trading

Blockchain technology is set to revolutionize share trading, improving accuracy and speeding up the settlement process. 

Smart Contracts

Smart contracts are a key part of blockchain’s potential – they can enable parties to deal with trust, executing agreements and transactions automatically, and enforcing contract obligations, all without a middle-man.

Online Identity Management

Blockchain’s structure and accessibility makes it ideal for identity management solutions: users can enter their information once, choosing how to identify themselves, and who can access their identity. After this, they can reuse their identification across multiple other services.

Loyalty and Rewards

With a clear, fully traceable linked record of transactions, blockchain can deliver new insights into customers – and opens up new potential for loyalty schemes and reward programmes that reward engagement.


With more patients, more procedures, more technology and more administration, healthcare providers face an ever-growing volume of data – all of which must be processed, secured, and available to practitioners on demand.

The time is ripe for blockchain to transform the healthcare industry. Some of the areas being explored for possible enhancement through blockchain technology include:

  • PHI integrity
  • Medical audit integrity
  • Clinical research results integrity
  • Reduce audit expenses and ensure regulatory compliance
  • Ensure data safety
  • Drug traceability
  • Data security in clinical trials
  • Patient data management 

Logistics & Supply Chain

Supply chains must be traceable, transparent and efficient – and with blockchain, all of these become much easier to achieve. Blockchain technology can optimize transactions and trading relationships thanks to its inherently secure and robust structure. 

Benefits using of blockchain in logistics and supply chain: 

  • Increase traceability of material supply chains to ensure compliance with corporate and public standards
  • Cut losses from counterfeit/gray market trading
  • Improve visibility and compliance in outsourced contract manufacturing
  • Reduce need for paperwork
  • Cut administrative costs
  • Strengthen corporate reputation by providing detailed provenance of materials used in products
  • Improve credibility and public trust in shared data
  • Reduce potential public relations risks from supply chain malpractice
  • Increase stakeholders’ engagement

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