Secure, compliant and resilient

Injazat cloud

Secure, compliant and resilient

Injazat cloud

Secure, compliant and resilient

The key drivers attracting Organizations worldwide to adopt Cloud are Operational agility and core business focus enablement, safeguarded within a secured environment, delivered through an effective financial model.

A paradigm shift is being experienced by Organizations in terms of the way their IT is deployed, transitioning and transforming from a traditional IT service model to the Cloud service model, changing the way IT is operated and managed. With organization's existing IT landscape consisting of committed Investments, compliance & security mandates and specific technology choices, this shift is complex.



Injazat Cloud specializes in helping organizations overcome these challenges and adopt the Cloud successfully.

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Welcome to the first Open Stack Cloud in the UAE offering Public, Private and Hybrid Cloud options supported by our Managed Applications, IT and Security services.

Private cloud

Private Cloud enables organizations to run business critical applications addressing:

  • Demand of specific compliance & security mandates.
  • Demand of very specific performance requirements.

It is a model with a long term investment prospect which involves customization, specific technology selection and careful consideration of existing and future business needs.

Incloud delivers its Private Cloud model through:

  • Ensuring compliance, custom security enforcement and adherence to data sovereignty.
  • Different levels of infrastructure level isolation.
  • Resource configuration as best suited for performance sensitive applications.


Hybrid cloud

In order to be fast and agile, organizations cannot rely entirely on their traditional legacy IT environment. To address future business needs, they need an environment to burst on.

Incloud helps organizations meet performance and agility requirements. Supported by a software defined infrastructure facilitating secure connectivity, Incloud is a seamless environment for organizations to burst on.

We provide the technology and expertise needed to power technology


Broaden your business capability

Our solutions combine industry expertise with scale, propelling your enterprise towards digital transformation



Be ready for future market challenges

Our broad portfolio of services and experience in managing diverse systems will enable you to transcend your boundaries into the smart and connected world



Run an efficient IT operation

Empower your business with IT, managing traditional IT environment, while optimising infrastructure and adopting new technologies to enable to run an efficient IT operation that supports business objectives


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