The process of creation can sometimes seem effortless from the outside – but any organisation that has tried to develop something new from scratch, or even iterate on an existing design, knows the reality is very different.

At a time in the Gulf when the pace of change has seen continual acceleration for more than a decade, organisations from government departments to new start-ups are under intense pressure to deliver new and innovative products, services and solutions, from consumer level services to high-end enterprise applications, to a new internal IT ecosystem.

In part because of this pressure, the human resources needed to accomplish development can be scarce, and organisations can find themselves unsure of where or how to start.

Some regional enterprises can end up turning to major international consultancy services, or hiring “star” international experts – and can find success with these. But in addition to being expensive, international firms or consultants may not be able to help an organisation that does not have a clear strategy in place.

Plus, international players are not always best placed to understand the unique regional market of the Gulf and wider Middle East. With our sometimes very different approaches to business challenges, and different consumer motivations, the cultural divide can cause significant challenges.

This is where Injazat is uniquely placed to help. 

Injazat can be your complete development partner

Through our own experience of setting up world-class Data Center infrastructures, to helping our clients – from Government, Healthcare, Defence, Industry, Education and Financial Services – deliver project after successful project, Injazat has accumulated the knowledge and skills needed to see a project through from conception to delivery.

Beyond being just a consultant, Injazat’s Digital Advisory Practice can be your active partner in every stage of a project’s lifecycle, without the need to co-ordinate different contractors for each stage, with all the risk of creating delays, confusion and cost over-runs this can bring.

Instead, from idea creation to design, implementation, launch and ongoing maintenance, Injazat can support the project in whatever ways are necessary. We have extensive in-house skills and resources, and for more specialist areas we maintain a wide network of worldclass development partners and specialist consultants, who can be brought into a project as required.

Every business, and every project, goes through the same broad lifecycle on its path to maturity and achieving return on investment. But at the same time, we know no two businesses, no two projects are the same – each has its own unique context, challenges, visions and goals.

Our aim is to help our clients explore their ambitions, define their goals, and deliver on their ultimate objectives.

Whether this is generating new ideas or product concepts, working out how best to harness a great business opportunity, or addressing organisational challenges that are completely unique, Injazat helps our clients shape, challenge and test their ideas, and supports their innovative thinking.

Our Digital Advisory Practice can assist with almost any type of project – below are just some of the specific areas we have extensive experience in:

  • IT architecture design and implementation
  • Network infrastructure planning and deployment
  • Smart City infrastructure planning and deployment
  • Enterprise application development
  • Artificial Intelligence-enabled service development
  • Cloud service creation
  • B2B application development
  • Blockchain-enabled service development
  • Virtual reality or augmented reality application development
  • Consumer mobile application development
  • Consumer web application development
  • Product design and ideation

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