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Customer Experience Transformation

Buying a product on Amazon is as easy as a single click – literally. Searching for and starting a film on Netflix takes mere seconds. Making a payment in a shop can be as effortless as waving an Apple Watch over a terminal.

Your customers are growing ever more accustomed to the ease of these types of transactions – and are starting to demand it in all areas of their life, whether this is making a bank transfer, applying for a visa or registering a car. 

Digital-native enterprises have been at the forefront of this shift in tech-driven customer service improvement, backed by significant investment in research and technology – leaving incumbents struggling to catch up. For many businesses now, simply offering a high-quality product or service at a competitive price is no longer enough. 

What many incumbents fail to realize is, the customer experience has become an integral part of the product. The ease or otherwise of obtaining a product or service, and the post-purchase experience, have become a journey in which the product or service itself is only one small part. 

While commercial companies are the most affected by this shift, public sector entities are also being buffeted by the consumer experience wave. Under pressure from citizens, users and governments themselves, the public sector is being challenged to re-organise itself around user expectations and demands for new technology and smoother experiences – rather than internal processes and politics. 

In order to be successful at reshaping the customer experience, organisations need to have a clear understanding of customers’ needs and preferences – including the understanding that there is never just one type of customer. 

The journey towards an improved customer experience can be long and challenging, with missteps not just possible, but almost certain. But completing the journey can pay back the time and effort spent many times over, delivering increased revenue, improved customer loyalty, and even simpler business processes. 

Who needs it?

A Customer Experience Transformation programme may be right for organisations facing the following challenges:

  • In need of a new competitive, digital-enabled strategy:Customer Experience Transformation allows a company to assess and re-work its offering, and the customer journeys that form part of it, making use of relevant digital technologies.
  • Improving customer satisfaction and happiness: Part of a Customer Experience Transformation is mapping out the entire customer journey, and identifying all the critical touchpoints within it. This gives the opportunity to address areas where customers feel dissatisfied, whether through digital means or not.
  • In need of a multi-channel strategy: By mapping out the customer journey, and planning a new version, a business can include new channels if required, and decide on the optimal mix between the various physical and digital channels as part of an integrated channel strategy.
  • Improving revenue growth: With an improved customer journey and new opportunities to sell, companies can seize the moment to expand their product or service portfolio. And once customers experience the benefits of the improved customer journey, enterprises can look to boost their market share as well. 

Injazat’s Customer Experience Transformation approach: 

  • Define ambitions and shared goals: We will interview senior management and key stakeholders to define the strategic objectives of the project.
  • Map out existing customer journeys: We will document the journey and its variations from end to end.
  • Identify critical drivers: Injazat will establish what motivates customers, and how this intersects with the customer journey.
  • Design the To Be Customer Experience: We will create a strategic blueprint for how your company wants to interact with customers.
  • Reinvent customer journeys: With the new customer experience in mind, Injazat will create new customer journeys, addressing the specific challenges of each one.
  • Set targets and establish governance system: We will establish and administer an appropriate assessment scheme, in order to ensure the project is succeeding according to the strategic objectives.


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