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Cyber Security Advisory & Consultancy Services

Cyber Security Advisory and Consultancy Services
Navigating the murky world of cyber security can be a significant challenge for many organisations – but a vital one, when faced with the kinds of threats currently making themselves felt around the world.

Injazat can help, with our wide range of Cyber Security Advisory and Consultancy services. We can help organisations develop their cyber security thinking across the following areas: 

Cyber Security Current State Assessment: Get a clear picture of where your organisation is right now in terms of cyber security, including identification of any key weaknesses. Understanding its current position is vital for any organisation looking to improve its cyber security, in order to put together a realistic transformation strategy.

Cyber Security Architecture Design and Validation: Injazat can design an enterprise’s cyber security architecture, in close consultation with senior management and key business stakeholders to ensure all organisational requirements are met. And following the design phase, Injazat can help the organisation validate the architecture, to make sure it is fit for purpose.

Develop, Implement and Maintain an Information Security Management System (ISMS): For most organisations, but especially those that handle extensive customer data, or sensitive data such as medical records, safeguarding that information is a top priority. Injazat can design and implement a suitable ISMS, and also manage its ongoing maintenance in the future.

Develop, Implement and Maintain a Business Continuity Management System (BCMS): Business Continuity can seem like a simple concept on the face of it – but coming up with a comprehensive plan to keep business operations going after a disaster or other major disruption is no simple task. Injazat can help an organisation design and build a BCMS that is as effective as the organisation requires.

Develop and Conduct a Risk Management Exercise: All businesses involve some element of risk, even if such risk is minimal – but few take the time to understand the true nature of the risks they face, and how these can be managed. Injazat can guide an organisation through the process of a Risk Management Exercise, which will help managers and staff understand the risks their operations face.

Assist entities to be in compliance with International and UAE Federal & Local Information Security standards such as NESA, ADSICv2, Dubai ISR, etc.: Regulatory compliance is often regarded as tedious, or even pointless, but failure to comply with legal requirements can be a significant risk to a company’s profits, reputation, or even ability to continue trading. Injazat is able to guide an organisation or relevant business units through the compliance process for a range of different regulatory regimes.

Develop, Implement and Maintain Security Operations Center Framework, Processes, Procedures and People: With its extensive experience in the field of managing security operations, Injazat can take on the complex task of designing a framework for an effective Security Operations Center – a hub for dealing with all elements of cyber security management and threat response. Beyond the physical infrastructure of the SOC, Injazat can also develop the processes and procedures needed to make it effective, and also provide staff and consultants to run the SOC.

Provide Information Security Services such as GRC as a Service: Injazat can also provide other security services, including Governance, Risk and Compliance as a Service, which delivers real-time assessments of how legal or regulatory issues could affect an organisation. 

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