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Data Center

Data Center


While managed services or hosted servers are increasingly popular options, there are many enterprises that still want or need to own their own equipment, but may not want to deal with the demands of managing its physical presence.

For these organisations, co-location may be the answer: Injazat can host, operate and physically maintain clients’ servers and other devices in either of our Data Centers. We take care of the power, cooling, bandwidth, IP address provisioning and physical security of the equipment, while the client retains full control and ownership of their servers.

Co-location may be right for your organisation if:

  • You are happy with your existing equipment, but struggling with the physical requirements – power, cooling, etc – of hosting it.
  • Your organisation is expanding, and either needs the physical space currently occupied by your servers, or needs additional space for your servers.
  • You have very specific hardware requirements that cannot be met by fully hosted servers.
  • You prefer the peace of mind offered by owning your equipment outright, but without the challenges of hosting it directly.
  • You have regulatory or other constraints, which require you to own and manage your own servers, but want as many of the advantages of hosted servers as possible.
  • You have regulatory or other requirements that specify standards for data or server security that you are unable to meet directly.
  • You require more stringent security for your servers than you are able to provide directly.
  • You are facing bandwidth or latency issues, and would benefit from the faster connections to the internet our Data Centers can offer.

Whatever your reasons, taking space in our Data Centers provides an impressive range of benefits – and ensures your equipment receives the same level of care as our own. Our two sites – a Tier IV facility in Abu Dhabi, offering 42U racks and a Tier III+ facility in Dubai with 47U racks – are worldclass Data Centers, boasting dozens of certifications and awards.

These facilities are designed around the power and thermal demands of modern servers, with cooling capabilities most organisations would not be able to provide without prohibitive cost.

Injazat’s Data Centers also offer far greater internet bandwidth, and lower latency, than other sites, as well as connections with multiple carriers, minimizing the risk of connectivity failures.

Our teams of highly skilled Data Center and infrastructure technicians monitor and maintain the physical equipment in our facilities 24x7, and will deal with any physical issues with client equipment, no matter what the time. And our physical security is worldclass, with secure perimeters, patrols, biometric security on all entrances, and extensive CCTV coverage.

Finally, our Data Centers are designed to provide maximum uptime: greater than 99.995% power availability in Abu Dhabi, and greater than 99.982% power availability in Dubai.

By choosing co-location with Injazat, clients can have the best of all worlds: their own equipment under their direct control through remote access, but housed and maintained off-site without the power, cooling and security challenges hosting brings, and in worldclass Data Center facilities offering unmatched levels of service and security.

Disaster Recovery

Disaster recovery planning can be one of the most challenging tasks for any organisation. It requires management not only to think the unthinkable, and contemplate what disasters may occur and how they would affect operations – but also to put a price on the mitigation of, or recovery from, such disasters.

Beyond any simple and immediate loss of revenue, businesses must consider how a longer-term outage may force previously loyal customers to take their custom elsewhere. And they must also consider, especially in the case of self-inflicted problems as opposed to natural disasters, the longer-term reputational damage the business could suffer.

Injazat offers a number of services to help organisations prepare for any possible disaster scenario. As a starting point, we can provide consultancy services to help organisations put together a robust disaster recovery strategy.

For the main requirement to back up data offsite, we now offer a range of back-up and recovery solutions, using best-in-class systems and high-bandwidth connections to our Data Centers based in Abu Dhabi and Dubai. As well as the advantages of geographical redundancy our multi-site service can offer, our Data Centers can provide up to 99.995% uptime over the course of a year.

Our cloud-based data back-up solution can deliver seamless, silent back-ups, and our recovery solution can support an organisation no matter what has happened to its IT infrastructure. Prepared for every eventuality, Injazat’s Disaster Recovery solution can slash any downtime and cut the potential loss of revenue.

Instead of worrying about disaster recovery, managers can focus on their core business challenges – secure in the knowledge that their operations are protected.

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