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Bringing an organisation up to Digital Maturity – with up-to-date IT systems and processes, and a modern, efficient IT infrastructure – is on the wishlists of many leaders. But a key part of the challenges inherent in such a transformation programme is how your workforce will adapt to such a major change. 

A Digital Academy can ensure your organisation’s staff are equipped with the knowledge and skills they will need to work with a new IT infrastructure, and can become part of a dynamic digital-minded enterprise.

By developing your staff with a dedicated Digital Academy programme, your organisation will reap the benefits of engaged, highly trained employees who are not only trained in your IT systems, but also retain the knowledge and experience they have gained in the past. These are the employees who will be best placed to spot opportunities in your organisation and drive change.

As workforces in the UAE and across the Middle East are often extremely diverse, with staff from different backgrounds, education levels and disciplines, and with different experiences, bespoke training programmes are critical.

Injazat can design a Digital Academy programme to cater to all areas of an organisation, with dedicated schemas for different departments and different levels. This ensures all staff have the knowledge and skills they will need for their particular roles, without being forced into a one-size-fits-all teaching plan.

Who needs it?

A Digital Academy may be right for organisations facing the following challenges:

  • Planning to start a Digital Transformation programme: Before an organisation can successfully complete a Digital Transformation programme, its employees, at every level, must be ready for the task – making a project such as a Digital Academy a pre-requisite for many firms.
  • A need to increase utilization of existing automation capabilities: Even when an organisation has the capability to automate elements of its operation, actual utilization of these capabilities can be slowed or stopped by employees unable or unwilling to adapt to concepts such as automation. Gartner’s 2018 CIO Agenda notes that culture and people are the biggest barriers to a successful Digital Transformation. A Digital Academy is designed to tackle just these types of challenges.
  • Having a low level of Digital Maturity: For organisations working to improve their Digital Maturity, one of the most challenging areas for management to address is frequently staff. People can be reluctant to embrace change and new technology, or may have extremely varied knowledge and experience of workplace technology. A Digital Academy can help guide these employees towards embracing technology, and so help improve Digital Maturity.
  • Having a large number of staff in jobs heavily affected by digitization: The digitization and automation of growing numbers of organisational roles is having significant impact not just on low-level workers, but those in mid-level jobs as well. Working in conjunction with HR, a Digital Academy can help employees turn digitization from a threat to an opportunity through a bespoke training programme, reducing the need to make staff redundant, and instead retaining their experience within the organisation.

Injazat’s Digital Academy approach

  • Define the Academy’s training objectives, content and target audience, in conjunction with management at all levels, as well as HR.
  • Define the Academy programme’s key milestones and expected results.
  • Perform a Learning Needs Analysis on the organisation’s workforce.
  • Design the Digital Academy training programme.
  • Execute the training programme, and operate the Digital Academy.

Continually monitor results, both in terms of staff response to and success within the Digital Academy, and feedback from within the organisation on its effectiveness.

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