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Management in many organisations want to “go digital”. And some managers may not want to, but feel they ought to, even if they do not really understand what “going digital” means. 

There are many different concepts of “digital” in terms of approaches for organisations, all of which may be equally valid – but not equally suitable for every enterprise. With so many ideas and conceptions around, the process of “going digital” can be fraught with challenges and potentially wasteful dead ends.

This is where a well-defined Digital Strategy is required – this will give an organisation clarity and a shared understanding and vision, for the foundation of a Digital Transformation plan.

In order to create a digital strategy, there are several key questions that must be answered: 

  • What is my point of departure? This first step aims to assess the current Digital Maturity of the organisation, and document its existing technology platform and any digital initiatives currently in use or being developed.
  • Where is my industry heading? Next, an organisation needs to look beyond itself at its competitors and wider industry, how it might be affected by evolving technology trends, and how it might look in five, 10 or 15 years from now. How will consumers access its products and services? What key elements will be the drivers of customer demand, and customer loyalty?
  • What will be the role of my company and the desired point of arrival? Here an organisation must consider its own ecosystem, and the role each part of it plays within the value chain(s). An organisation must identify which sources of value and core capabilities will become its key competitive drivers in the future.
  • What is the digital roadmap that will enable my company to get to the desired point of arrival? It doesn’t matter how ambitious an enterprise’s vision is if it doesn’t know how to achieve it. A roadmap for a Digital Transformation is critical, but also one of the hardest elements to design, given it is impossible to know in advance exactly how a transformation will proceed, and what challenges will arise on the way. This is why, as well as having clearly defined milestones, a roadmap must be flexible enough to allow an organisation to adapt to challenges, and allow the journey to be fine-tuned or adjusted as required. 

Who needs it?

A Digital Strategy may be right for organisations facing the following challenges: 

  • Planning a Digital Transformation programme and/or need to develop a Digital Transformation roadmap:A clear, well-defined Digital Strategy is a fundamental prerequisite for a Digital Transformation programme and roadmap.
  • Need to improve efficiency by boosting use of existing automation capabilities and systems: An enterprise should understand its objectives in automating elements of its operations – any automation should be part of a holistic Digital Strategy, with clear objectives and a clear understanding of key enablers (people and processes, as well as technology) and interdependencies.
  • A need to enhance performance and competitive positioning through digital: Companies often try to “go digital” when faced with competitive pressures, either from new digital native competitors entering the market, or to tackle performance issues. A Digital Strategy can help organisations avoid mistakes caused by acting without a clear plan, and ensure the long-term success of any Digital Transformation programme. 

Injazat’s Digital Strategy approach 

  • Understand the company’s vision and strategic goals, through interviews with senior management and key stakeholders
  • Define the point of departure, with a thorough assessment of the organisation’s current position
  • Understand key industry and technology trends
  • Define the company’s future role and competitive strategy
  • Perform a fitness assessment to identify any weaknesses that could affect the Digital Transformation
  • Develop the Digital roadmap


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