Emerging technologies

Emerging technologies

Emerging technologies

Internet of things

With billions of devices becoming network-enabled, the Internet of Things (IoT) has the potential to transform and disrupt businesses, industries, and even buildings and cities. These connected devices are driving innovation in products and customer experiences. 

Injazat works with a number of partners and vendors on IoT projects from cloud applications to big data analytics. This gives us the capability to design and implement end-to-end solutions, tailor-made for major enterprises. 

Smart Cities

Making cities more efficient, more sustainable and more livable is growing increasingly critical, as 60% of the world’s population will be urban by 2050, according to forecasts. 

In smart cities, an IoT network of sensors and technology can deliver these improvements, by providing actionable data to help the lives of residents and visitors: 

Physical Security

AI-powered surveillance systems can detect individuals, objects and incidents that may prove a threat, especially when combined with data from connected alerting systems.

Water & Waste Management

Smart water grids can measure and report on the flow of water and waste in real time, giving managers the insight needed to manage supplies and ensure the security and integrity of the grid. And sensors can even monitor water quality, to make sure it is safe to consume.

Smart water meters can detect and report low water flow or backflow, helping utility providers improve response times to incidents and prevent major issues.

Smart pumps and valves can monitor environmental conditions and adjust the flow of water – or even halt it when necessary. This can cut water losses in the event of breaches or blockages, and prevent flooding.

Traffic & Infrastructure Visibility

Traffic-monitoring sensors and cameras can identify traffic patterns, helping planners improve road efficiency in the long term – for example by redesigning dangerous intersections – and also allowing authorities to identify and respond to incidents such as faults or accidents.

Smart Buildings

Smart buildings are the result of the continual development of systems designed to improve comfort and efficiency. They can be key to an organisation’s success, cutting costs through intelligent heating, cooling and lighting, and improving overall building operations:

Predictive Maintenance

IoT sensors can monitor and report on the state of equipment, reducing the need for manual checks and allowing maintenance to be scheduled when required. By moving to predictive maintenance, organisations can cut commercial disruption and maximize uptime.

Air Quality Measurement

Connected devices throughout a building can provide live information on air quality, including CO2 levels, helping to maintain a healthy and productive environment for all occupants. 

Real-time Test Data

A smart building can help builders or facility managers to construct experiments and gather data faster, more simply and more efficiently than before. This can pay dividends through improved efficiency, enhanced performance or new building features. 

Efficient Construction Management

IoT makes managing construction projects easier, through functions such as equipment monitoring and repair, inventory management and real-time alerts, GPS tagging and tracking of materials, and safety enhancements with tags and connected sensors.

Energy Efficiency

Smart buildings can cut energy usage significantly through several methods. Energy automation ensures heating/cooling and lighting are only provided to areas of a building that are in use, while smart actuators for HVAC systems allows centralized control of building systems.

Smart sensors throughout a building can ensure temperatures remain optimal, while automated integration of weather forecasts and data can cut costs and improve comfort. 

Asset Optimization

Connected devices can let facility managers track the usage and location of their critical assets. From improving maintenance, utilization and loss prevention, as well as longer-term asset planning, IoT lets managers make the most of their assets.

Industrial IoT (IIoT)

Also known as Industry 4.0, IIoT takes existing automation and machine-to-machine (M2M) communication technologies, and enhances them with fully-connected sensors, big data analytics and machine learning systems. Applications include:

  • Smart factory applications and smart warehousing
  • Predictive and remote maintenance
  • Connected logistics: freight, goods and transportation monitoring
  • Smart metering and grid
  • Smart environment and HVAC solutions
  • Smart farming and livestock monitoring
  • Industrial security systems
  • Manufacturing equipment monitoring
  • Ozone, gas and temperature monitoring in industrial environments
  • Worker health & safety monitoring
  • Asset tracking and performance management
  • Remote/field service maintenance and control


Navigating the world of blockchain can be difficult – this is why Injazat works with trusted blockchain experts around the world. Our blockchain development channel allows us to deliver bespoke services such as Decentralized Application (DApp), Smart Contract and Private Blockchain development – as well as offer design and discovery consultation services from the earliest stages of a project. 

Decentralized Applications

DApps are designed for resilience: powered by a blockchain, they have no single point of failure, are not controlled by any single entity, and can connect users and providers directly. This makes DApps one of the safest, most secure options for sensitive applications. Our blockchain development channel can handle DApp creation from whitepaper all the way through to build and blockchain integration.

Smart Contracts

By removing the middleman, blockchain-powered smart contracts can allow transactions – including high-value contracts – to be automated, and sped up. To ensure seamless delivery of smart contract projects, technical expertise is key: our blockchain partners have nearly a decade of experience in developing large-scale projects for international organisations.

Private Blockchain

While public blockchains such as Bitcoin and Ethereum have garnered much of the attention around the technology, many smart organisations are turning to private blockchain development. By controlling your own blockchain, you can have the best of all worlds: a robust, decentralized system to manage data, transactions or supply chains, without risking privacy and security. 

For any blockchain project, we offer the following service areas: 

Blockchain Design

We make sure the user comes first in your blockchain project, with our Design Thinking and User Interface/User Experience teams guiding you through the design journey. 

Discovery Workshop

We’ve developed our discovery workshops to help you understand the potential of blockchains – and to help identify the best blockchain-enabled solutions for your business challenges. 

Blockchain Industry Solutions 

Blockchain is a powerful emerging technology, the potential of which is still being explored across a number of industries. Injazat can help our clients explore the possibilities of blockchain in many sectors – below are just a few potential applications: 

Financial Services: 

Cross-border Payments

Making international funds transfers has long been a slow, frustrating and expensive process. But blockchain can make cross-border payments faster, simpler and cheaper than ever before. 

Share Trading

Blockchain technology is set to revolutionize share trading, improving accuracy and speeding up the settlement process. 

Smart Contracts

Smart contracts are a key part of blockchain’s potential – they can enable parties to deal with trust, executing agreements and transactions automatically, and enforcing contract obligations, all without a middle-man.

Online Identity Management

Blockchain’s structure and accessibility makes it ideal for identity management solutions: users can enter their information once, choosing how to identify themselves, and who can access their identity. After this, they can reuse their identification across multiple other services.

Loyalty and Rewards

With a clear, fully traceable linked record of transactions, blockchain can deliver new insights into customers – and opens up new potential for loyalty schemes and reward programmes that reward engagement.


With more patients, more procedures, more technology and more administration, healthcare providers face an ever-growing volume of data – all of which must be processed, secured, and available to practitioners on demand.

The time is ripe for blockchain to transform the healthcare industry. Some of the areas being explored for possible enhancement through blockchain technology include:

  • PHI integrity
  • Medical audit integrity
  • Clinical research results integrity
  • Reduce audit expenses and ensure regulatory compliance
  • Ensure data safety
  • Drug traceability
  • Data security in clinical trials
  • Patient data management 

Logistics & Supply Chain

Supply chains must be traceable, transparent and efficient – and with blockchain, all of these become much easier to achieve. Blockchain technology can optimize transactions and trading relationships thanks to its inherently secure and robust structure. 

Benefits using of blockchain in logistics and supply chain: 

  • Increase traceability of material supply chains to ensure compliance with corporate and public standards
  • Cut losses from counterfeit/gray market trading
  • Improve visibility and compliance in outsourced contract manufacturing
  • Reduce need for paperwork
  • Cut administrative costs
  • Strengthen corporate reputation by providing detailed provenance of materials used in products
  • Improve credibility and public trust in shared data
  • Reduce potential public relations risks from supply chain malpractice
  • Increase stakeholders’ engagement

Artificial Intelligence

Advances in machine learning and artificial intelligence have opened up new worlds for enterprises. No longer just the preserve of tech giants, AI is now benefiting organisations of any size, anywhere in the world – and new advances are continually bringing fresh possibilities to the fore.

With the help of Injazat and our partners around the world, you can generate meaningful insights from your data, build accurate prediction models, and automate your workload. We’re here to help you discover how AI can benefit your business, and develop practical solutions tailored to your needs.

Injazat provides the following services in the field of Artificial Intelligence: 

Big Data Analysis:

Enterprises have long been able to collect potentially useful data – but turning the potential into the actual has remained a significant challenge, until recently.

Now, with the development of AI-driven Big Data analytical tools, organisations can mine their data for practicable, actionable insights.

Artificial intelligence systems can help create connections and find patterns that would have remained hidden in the past, adding new levels of insight into data sets. AI data analysis can bring new meaning to functions such as customer loyalty schemes, helping organisations take a deep – but useful – dive into their customers’ behaviour. 

Process Automation:

No longer just the preserve of big manufacturers, automation is here and delivering results for enterprises of all kinds, from logistics to healthcare, in departments from sales to customer service.

AI-powered automation tools can help prevent errors and increase productivity, and are able to take on many tasks that, while routine, would previously have required human involvement to complete. By automating these, you can allow your human workforce to move away from rote work, and concentrate on what they do best. 

Communication Automation:

Developments in artificial intelligence have made automating customer communications a reality – and not just for tech giants such as Amazon and Apple, but for any enterprise.

Injazat can help you build interactive chatbots, which can reduce the load on your staff by handling straightforward queries without human intervention. And for more complex cases, a bot knows when to hand off the query to customer service staff, letting them focus their attention where it is most needed. 

Video Analytics:

Powerful image and video analytics tools can enable advanced automated surveillance solutions. Improved security is only one possibility – with these capabilities, enterprises can leverage their existing video capture systems for more advanced purposes, including behavioural research and customer insights.

Features such as facial recognition, tracking and vehicle detection are all possible using artificial intelligence-powered systems. Across sectors such as retail, event management, security and surveillance, transportation, oil & gas and more, video analytics can open up a whole range of new possibilities. 

Predictive Analysis:

Seeing into the future is no longer science fiction, but a meaningful tool for all types of enterprises. With access to the right data, and with careful, thoughtful development, artificial intelligence-enabled solutions can provide meaningful predictions for your organisation.

Gain insight into how your KPI performance is likely to change and evolve, and model how changes may affect the future, thanks to smart pattern recognition algorithms. Deep learning systems can interpret business results for greater insights into how your organisation is performing – and generate educated predictions that can be used to back up decisions, or even new business strategies.

Virtual and Augmented Reality

Once considered just toys and gimmicks, virtual reality and augmented reality have matured into powerful, flexible tools with practical applications across a range of industries. 

VR and AR Explained: 

Virtual Reality (VR) is a fully-artificial environment, into which the user is fully immersed. This can be achieved with a dedicated room and projectors, specialist headsets – or, increasingly, the use of a modern smartphone and an adaptor to create a headset. Mainstream VR products include the Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Samsung Gear VR and Google Cardboard (a cardboard headset designed to hold a Google smartphone).

Augmented Reality (AR) is a more recent development, and is the overlaying of virtual objects on the real world. This can be achieved with a specialist headset or glasses, which project images into the eye or onto a semi-transparent screen in front of the eye, while leaving the user’s view of the real world unimpaired – or with a smartphone, using its camera to capture ‘reality’, then displaying this image overlaid with virtual objects on the screen. (Technologies such as the ‘Heads Up Display’ in aircraft are also AR.) AR products include the now-discontinued Google Glass, Microsoft HoloLens and the Magic Leap One. In the consumer space, the smartphone game Pokémon Go is one of the most popular examples of AR software in the world.

Applications of Virtual Reality:

With advances in screen resolution and processing power, virtual reality is becoming more mainstream by the day. Below are some proven examples of VR technology – but Injazat can work with enterprises in any sector to scope out and develop their own VR application.


Injazat produces VR content that can revolutionise the classroom experience – whether that classroom is in a school, university or an enterprise.

Our VR learning content can make lessons more immersive and more engaging, while giving students insights into subjects that would not be possible using conventional learning tools.

For enterprises, we can produce bespoke virtual experiences designed to train staff more effectively, and in a unique and impactful way.


VR’s immersive nature, combined with the potential of high-resolution 3D medical imaging technologies, can allow doctors and other medical practitioners to see inside their patients like never before. This revolutionary technology can help doctors understand patient needs, plan for surgery and gain a deeper understanding of human anatomy.

And before trainee doctors even set their hands on a scalpel, virtual reality can dramatically improve the quality of surgical and equipment training.

Applications of Augmented Reality:

The rise of augmented reality has been swift, and the technology’s potential is still being explored. If you think AR could have a place in your business, Injazat can help bring your idea from the drawing board to (augmented) reality.


AR brings new insight into the manufacturing process and can help companies improve productivity and quality control. Using technologies such as the ‘Digital Twin’ – where a virtual model of an object or machine is displayed over the real version – manufacturing professionals can get real-time assistance from AR tools. This can reduce human error, save time and dramatically increase efficiency.


Augmented reality applications are ideally suited for visitors to a city or tourist attraction. Using their smartphones, visitors can explore a space with AR enhancements, for example helping them to identify landmarks, learn more about an exhibit or building, or find the way to their next stop.

Offering a custom-made AR app can both help improve your visitors’ experience, and enhance your image as a world-class destination.

Web & Mobile Platforms

Powerful Apps for Any Platform

We deliver easy-to-use web and mobile apps built on the most advanced technology. Whatever the demands of the client, our world-class customer experience and development teams can turn them into thoughtful, powerful apps for any platform.  

Web Apps

Injazat is highly experienced in developing both Business-to-Business (B2B) and Business-to-Consumer (B2C) web applications.

A key priority is usability: ensuring any application is easy for people to access on the devices they most use – not just the devices best for developers. With this in mind, we follow a mobile-first approach to app development; ensuring end-users get the same great experience on any device or operating system, from desktops to mobiles to iPads – including less common platforms. 

We build simple yet fully-featured web apps, making use of the latest development and programming tools to deliver a rich, smooth, fast experience, while keeping apps as lean and efficient as possible.

Our developers are experts in full-stack web development, and we also work with a carefully chosen network of development partners in order to provide the widest range of skills and capabilities to our clients. 

With our team of world-class engineers experienced in front-end development, back-end infrastructure, API development, architecture and strategy advisory, Injazat is ready to deliver, whatever the project.

Web Apps Technologies:


React JS

Angular JS






Mobile Apps

With the rise of the iPhone, and then Android, mobile usage has massively outstripped the desktop for many people. In order to be where the users’ attention is, mobility is a key priority for companies. Whether for B2C or B2B projects, being on mobile improves technology adoption and resource optimisation. 

User-centered design is vital in mobile app development, and is our starting point for all app projects. With careful User Experience planning and User Interface design, we deliver products that look great and are easy to use, with an intuitive user flow and rich experience. 

But as well as great design, delivering a satisfying user experience relies on the underlying functions of an app as well, to ensure a fast, smooth and reliable end product. Through our agile development approach, our team makes sure all our apps function as elegantly as they look. 

Security and compatibility are also key elements of our development approach. All our apps follow best practices and incorporate strong encryption and obfuscation mechanisms to provide hardened security, to protect your data and the data of your customers or users. And where required, our apps can provide seamless integration with other systems, as part of a wider technology ecosystem. 

A significant benefit of using mobile apps is the ability to gain useful data on how people are using the app in the real world. Our apps can deliver user behaviour analytics, in a secure and appropriate way, allowing us to provide continuous feedback – and to optimise performance and deliver new features through regular app updates. 

Technologies We Cover:

* Apple ‘Swift’

* Android ‘Kotlin

* Hybrid Cross-platform


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