It’s said that time and tide wait for no-one. When it comes to the tides of competition and technological change, this is most certainly true.

Aside from organisations that are facing the challenge of undergoing a wholesale digital transformation, even generally successful enterprises with up-to-date strategies and infrastructure must struggle continually to keep pace with their competition.

Sustaining any concept takes time, money and effort – and with competitors racing around them, an organisation standing still is the same as if it ran backwards.

We can help. Beyond purely technical services, Injazat can empower enterprises to maintain or enhance their competitive edge. 

Gaining a Competitive Advantage

Getting ahead can often mean simply doing what you do now, but faster, better or more cost-effectively. For many enterprises, the easiest way to gain a competitive advantage may be to look internally at how operations can be improved.

Enterprises that rely on technology now have greater scope than ever before to simultaneously cut costs and improve performance – and this is where Injazat excels.

Managed services can be a significant boost to organisations that have struggled to maintain their infrastructure or IT operations. In one go, performance can be improved, overheads cut, and internal resources freed up to focus on core business challenges.

Cloud services now also bring major opportunities to enterprises. By allowing the near-instantaneous provisioning of almost unlimited computing power or storage facilities, but only paying for the resources consumed, cloud services let enterprises take on projects, or adapt to seasonal demand, which previously would have meant investing in new hardware. 

Developing a New Strategy

For companies struggling to see where they can gain a competitive advantage, Injazat’s consultancy services can analyse an organisation’s operations, strategy and competitive landscape, and identify key opportunities to be pursued.

Once an enterprise has decided to pursue a new opportunity, Injazat may also be able to provide support. With our expert development teams, we can create new mobile or web apps for a new business venture, or enhance the functionality of your existing assets.

And for almost any strategy based around expansion into new business areas, Injazat will be working behind the scenes to enable flexible business growth. From scalable cloud solutions to improved infrastructure performance, we can empower your new venture. 

Keeping the Lights On

Sometimes, maintaining a competitive advantage is a matter of ensuring your operations are secure, and protected against the possibility of severe disruption.

Non-competitive existential threats can take many forms: perhaps the most prominent at the moment are cyber attacks, which can result in anything from the mild annoyance of slower websites, to stolen trade secrets through industrial espionage, to catastrophic data theft.

Keeping up with all current potential attack vectors is beyond the capabilities of most enterprises not dedicated to cyber security – which is why many turn to services such as Injazat’s state-of-the art suite of security offerings.

Physical risks can also be significant threats to business continuity: a fire, flood or earthquake can decimate an organisation’s infrastructure in moments. Injazat provides dedicated business continuity, disaster recovery and back-up services, which can help get an organisation back up and running quickly, and without major data loss, in the event of a catastrophe.

Whatever the challenge, Injazat is there to support our clients, and help empower their businesses however we can.

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