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Enterprise Monitoring Services

IT systems have extended to cover more and more business areas within organisations, and at the same time have become more and more complex and interlinked – and so the cost of failure of these systems is also higher than ever.

The need to know what is going on across your applications, and the ability to deal with issues before they become failures, is now absolutely critical.

Injazat Enterprise Monitoring Services (EMS) proactively monitors the entire application landscape across your organisation, tracking performance and availability of both applications and databases. Using best-in-class industry-standard monitoring tools, EMS can identify potential faults or issues well in advance of them impacting business functions.

With its intelligent information gathering capabilities and customizable reporting, Injazat EMS will help ensure the availability and effective performance of your business-critical applications, and remove workload from IT operations staff, improving the performance of both the department and your organisation as a whole.

Injazat Enterprise Monitoring Services covers several specific areas:

Enterprise Application Monitoring
Instead of having to wait for users to report an issue with an application, Enterprise Application Monitoring (EAM) can proactively monitor applications and automatically flag incidents to your IT operations team.
Not only can this reduce the time to resolution for issues, thus increasing uptime and productivity – but it also allows your helpdesk to be ahead of the curve if users raise the issue, and manage expectations at the same time. 

Database Monitoring
Beneath your applications, and out of sight of most end users, databases are the workhorses of any enterprise IT operations. But because they lack visibility, it can be easy to pay too little attention to them, allowing issue to build up over time – and potentially resulting in a significant problem or outage at some point.

Database Monitoring makes sure your underlying databases are not neglected, with key metrics and indicators available at all times – and robust reporting and issue resolution procedures in place as well.

Operational automation activities
Many IT operations activities are important, but routine and time-consuming – at a point when the time and energy of IT staff are ever more precious.

Fortunately, many of these routine operations are increasingly able to be automated, freeing up staff workload to focus on more critical activities – and so potentially paying literal dividends in terms of productivity and time saved.

Injazat EMS can remove unnecessary workload from staff by automating activities such as regular report creation, auditing and back-up operations, and even deployment activities.

Performance Monitoring
Beyond just tackling specific problems when they occur, Injazat EMS can help your organisation continuously monitor the performance of its systems. By keeping track of performance spikes, bottlenecks and under-utilisation, you can make sure business operations have the resources they need, when they need them – and also avoid over-provisioning areas that are seeing lower resource utilization.

PM can also provide information for use in long-term capacity planning, as well as hard data to present to management when requesting resources or dealing with queries.

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