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By making use of smart monitoring equipment, a private secure mobile network, and advanced AI capabilities in the control centre, Hassantuk is revolutionizing the UAE’s ability to respond to emergency events, as part of the country’s goal to be one of the safest places in the world. 

The Hassantuk Smart Monitoring, Alert and Control System is a partnership between the UAE Ministry of Interior and Injazat Data Systems to install and operate state-of-the-art smart Alarm Transmission Equipment (ATE) in more than 150,000 buildings across the UAE (excluding Dubai). 

Installation of ATE began in 2018 with the highest priority buildings, such as schools and hospitals, and is scheduled for completion by 2021, in line with the UAE Vision 2021. 

Injazat monitors the alarms 24 hours a day, seven days a week, from a central control room (ARC), and alerts ranging from fire to maintenance issues are assessed, checked, and passed automatically to UAE Civil Defence. While human operators are involved in confirming alarms are genuine, most of the process is automated, allowing Hassantuk to transmit incident reports far more quickly, and with much more critical information included than would otherwise be possible. 

The three categories of alarms covered are: 

Fire and Life Safety alarms: Hassantuk’s ATE connects to sensors such as gas, smoke and fire detectors, and elevator systems to detect people trapped in an elevator. 

Maintenance alarms: Connected to building water and HVAC systems, the ATE can detect events such as low water levels, pump issues and overdue maintenance requirements. 

ATE Heartbeat/Low Battery alarms: Hassantuk’s ATE also reports on its own health. If an ATE goes offline, the ARC is alerted so appropriate action can be taken.

Alarms must be verified within 120 seconds. When an alarm is triggered, the system assigns the alarm to an ARC operator and automatically calls the registered contact for the building in question. In the case of a false alarm, the alert is either closed or logged into the maintenance system, as well as being sent to Civil Defence for situational awareness. 

If the operator confirms an alarm is genuine, then the system alerts Civil Defence immediately, including all available details about the building and the incident. 

If the operator is unable to verify the alarm within 120 seconds, either because the building representatives cannot confirm or deny the alert, or do not respond, then Civil Defence is also alerted. 

Hassantuk also monitors overdue maintenance events: all overdue events are reported directly to the appropriate local Civil Defence team, and the capabilities of individual maintenance companies are monitored. This allows the Civil Defence Safety and Prevention teams to enforce building safety standards across the UAE more effectively and systematically. 

Beyond immediate alerts, Hassantuk’s advanced artificial intelligence-enabled systems generate regular operational and business intelligence reports for Civil Defence. These reports enable the authorities to plan for future requirements, even down to the individual Civil Defence station level. 

And building owners or representatives are also able to monitor events in their buildings, through a dedicated online dashboard, as well as a real-time SMS messaging system. 

The Hassantuk programme is a 10-year Build/Operate/Transfer contract. The initial phase of ATE installation requires buildings across the UAE to be surveyed for suitability; suitable buildings are scheduled to have ATE installed, while a rectification notice detailing the work required and timescales for this is issued for buildings needing repair or upgrade to receive ATE.

Hassantuk is the world’s first fire, life safety and maintenance monitoring solution designed and implemented to cover an entire country – and Injazat is proud to be powering it.

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