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Network Operations

Underpinning any Digital Transformation plan, behind any growth in Digital Maturity, lays an organisation’s network. Without a robust and efficient network architecture, an enterprise’s IT systems cannot function – and so, increasingly, the enterprise as a whole cannot function.

Whatever the size and complexity of an organisation’s networking requirements, Injazat can take on management of this infrastructure. As one of the leading IT service providers in the Middle East, we have the knowledge and capability to provision even the most complex network environment, improving on service levels that are possible from in-house teams, aligned with business objectives – and providing value for money.

Injazat’s Network Operations Center (NOC) provides a vantage point over all our operations, where our specialized teams of network engineers use state-of-the-art monitoring tools to supervise and maintain our services 24x7, and ensure our clients’ networks are operating at peak efficiency.

Our Services

  • Managed Router Services: Without a robust connection to the outside world, an enterprise cannot function. Injazat can manage the provisioning and maintenance of a Wide Area Network (WAN), ensuring maximum uptime and resilience for connections between sites and to the wider internet.
  • Managed LAN Service: End network downtime, IP address conflicts and poor performance. Injazat can ensure an organisation’s Local Area Network (LAN) operates at peak efficiency, while remaining secure from intrusion.
  • Managed Wireless LAN Services: Wireless networking is now essential to allow access to portable devices and visitors – but providing effective coverage, high speeds and a secure environment is a challenge. Injazat can make sure wireless coverage is consistent and secure at all times.
  • Managed IP Communication Services: Modern Internet Protocol (IP) telephony has simplified communications in many ways, but also requires careful management – and IP video-conferencing adds another level of complexity and demand to network operations. Injazat can ensure an organisation is able to keep talking.
  • Managed Load Balancer Services: For all organisations, but especially those with public-facing servers such as e-commerce or e-government providers, load balancing is essential to ensure continuity of service, and a smooth experience for users. Injazat can take on the task of maintaining and monitoring load balancer operations, making sure they do not become a single point of failure.
  • Network Operation Center Services: With many organisations’ networks now an absolutely critical element of their business infrastructure, they require nothing less than full oversight at all times, and the ability to detect, identify and resolve problems instantly through a NOC. Injazat can provision the NOC with the tools and staff needed to keep the network running smoothly 24x7.

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