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A dedicated ICT service desk can be considerable an asset to modern enterprises. Available 24x7, they act as a single point of contact for employees needing help with technical issues. Problems can be fixed more quickly, and employees back to work faster than under an ad-hoc service system – which can also take valuable time from core IT department assets.

But managing a service desk in-house can take considerable resources. In addition to all the normal expenses of a department, service desk operators must receive continual training to keep their knowledge set up to date.

In contrast, an outsourced ICT service desk can be the best of all worlds for many organisations. At Injazat, we ensure our agents are kept up to date on developments with required applications, and are regularly certified on various technology vendors and platforms.


Injazat ICT Service Desk provides eight primary functions that give business users easy access and quick resolutions:

  1. Single point of contact: Your employees can report IT problems affecting their ability to work to a single entity, rather than having to track down an IT staff member.
  2. Multiple choice of access: Users can gain access to the helpdesk by whatever method is best for them, such as telephone, email, self-service, online web chat or automated event alerts.
  3. Maximum availability: Our ICT service desk is always available to users – 24 hours per day, 365 days per year.
  4. Wide scope of services: The service desk can support a range of different IT environments, from end-user computing to standard and custom applications and infrastructure.
  5. Remote problem resolution: Through advanced remote-access technology, we have the ability to monitor and take control of a user device to identify and fix problems remotely.
  6. Incident ownership to resolution: All service desk cases are logged through to resolution via Lifecycle Incident Management, providing a record of all actions taken.
  7. Performance monitoring and data: Injazat provides regular detailed service reports, detailing the service desk’s performance, as well as trends with issues – all of which can be used for oversight of the service desk, and feedback for the IT department.
  8. Building and applying knowledge: Over time the service desk will develop a bespoke Knowledge Database, to capture known and common issues affecting an organisation’s users, enabling them to solve problems faster, and without contacting the service desk.

To the end-user reporting a problem, interaction with an external service desk is seamless and instantaneous. Outsourcing enables your organisation to shift its ICT investment model from one based on large capital expenditures to one based on more predictable operating expenditures (OPEX). 

Delivering excellence and continuous quality improvement, the four key objectives of Injazat ICT service desk are:

  1. Service quality: To provide a high quality and effectively managed service desk that adds real business value, through speedy response and resolution to users’ IT and business process issues.
  2. Improvement: To drive improvements that deliver higher service levels and speed of resolution to users, increasing client satisfaction and business efficiency. Our aim is to deliver customer service excellence using the Continuous Service Improvement Process (CSIP).
  3. Quality Accreditation: To achieve relevant industry certification, demonstrating service processes, quality of services and value added to the business.
  4. Innovation: To maintain up to date knowledge and understanding of new technologies, tools and methods that enable service desk services to be smarter, better and more efficient. 

If this is not your core business, it makes sense to strategically outsource to an experienced service provider.

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