Learning and development

Learning and development

Learning and development

With challenging market conditions continuing, organizations must review their approach to talent attraction and retention, and improve employee learning and development.

Learning and Development Consultancy

Ti2 provides a wide range of consulting services within the Learning & Development field through our certified learning specialists that support organizations in developing effective learning strategies to align with current & future business needs.

This is best for: Our learning specialists will support you all the way and ensure that learning is focused on real development needs with real benefits to the organization & the individual increasing the return on investment.

Service deliverables:

  • Trainings Needs Analysis (TNA)
  • Content Development and Management
  • Learning Delivery and Management
  • Learning Administration and Operations
  • Learning Management System (LMA)
  • Development and Administration


Key benefits:

  • Delivered by qualified learning specialists.
  • Both cost effective and efficient.
  • All services delivered in coordination with Human Resources and the Learning department.


Key value:

  • Access to qualified and experienced Learning professionals through a flexible on-site or remote resource model.
  • Optimized investments in learning & development through our unique tools, assets and processes aligned with your operational needs.
  • Drive real quantifiable business impact through focused learning initiatives that aim to improve performance and productivity.

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Our broad portfolio of services and experience in managing diverse systems will enable you to transcend your boundaries into the smart and connected world



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