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Managed Application Services

Running an application is one thing – providing user support for it is quite another. Application support can be one of the most significant challenges faced by organisations, particularly as they grow. New users need training, existing users have to learn new features – and there will always be issues and incidents along the road, all of which require time and resources to resolve. For many organisations, rather than attempting to divert crucial in-house resources, the solution can be Managed Application Support Services.

From email to ERP, ensuring your business-critical applications remain available, accessible and secure is at the heart of Injazat Managed Application Support Services. MASS offers your end-users effective, fast and user-friendly application support, helping them tackle whatever issues they face – and making sure that, wherever possible, those issues do not reoccur.

With tiered support, MASS provides the support your users need, when they need it:

  • Tier 1 support provides frontline help and advice for straightforward issues and user questions, including queries about application functionality and basic troubleshooting. 
  • Tier 2 support is available to tackle more complex issues, with skilled advisors available to help guide users through troubleshooting steps, and perform advanced analysis of a problem.

  • Tier 3 support is the highest internal level of escalation, for the most challenging and critical issues. Our engineers are available to conduct in-depth analysis of incidents, in order to resolve or bypass them quickly, and restore full functionality as fast as possible.

  • Tier 4 support is for issues where the intervention of the software vendors themselves is required. For example, to complete a bug fix or code change within an application. In these cases, Injazat will liaise with the appropriate vendors throughout the process, until the incident has been brought to a complete resolution.

Beyond reactive support services, MASS also offers proactive training and education services to end-users. From initial training, to sessions explaining new application features, to refresher courses where required, Injazat can work with your organisation to make sure your users have the knowledge and skills to make the most of your business applications.

And most critically, beyond waiting for user reports of incidents, MASS proactively works to detect and resolve incidents with business-critical applications, ensuring any downtime is minimal and the organisation can continue its operations. Beyond offering short-term fixes to reoccurring or serious issues, Injazat MASS can perform a root cause analysis, determining the key factors behind a problem and resolving those – not just the outward symptoms.

As well as fixing problems, MASS also provides a framework for change requests from users and business units to be evaluated and implemented. From simple requests for different information or a low-level change, to more complex demands, MASS can make it easy for your users to access the features they need, while filtering requests appropriately and managing user expectations.

For more significant changes or feature requests for business applications, Injazat’s MASS can handle the process of creating, developing, testing and implementing the required amendments, at the same time as ensuring the integrity and availability of the affected applications.

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