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Managed Cyber Defense Services

The harsh reality of security threats means organisations must be vigilant 100% of the time, in order to guard against attacks effectively.

Injazat’s Security Operation Center (SOC) provides this vigilance 24x7 for our clients. It offers robust defense measures, built upon an up-to-date, rock-solid technology platform. With Injazat’s SOC service, enterprises can minimise risks not just to their business functions, but also to their reputation. 

Our SOC services follow international best practices, as well as all applicable government and regulatory compliance requirements. Injazat offers the following services from our SOC:

Vulnerability Management as a Service (VMaaS)

The VMaaS services includes a centralized platform for vulnerability monitoring and management, scanning of internal and external IP addresses for vulnerabilities, and end-to-end managed services, including reporting and remediation recommendations, in line with international best practices. This service includes the following service elements:

  • Centralized vulnerability management platform for monitoring and scanning of configuration Items.
  • Storage for retaining the scanned output file for a period of up to 90 days.
  • Standard monthly service reporting.

Managed Log Collection and Retention Management Service (CD-LOG)

Our Managed Log Collection and Retention Management Service is designed to meet all necessary compliance requirements for security log collection, retention and reporting. This service includes the following elements:

  • Provisioning of the central SOC platform for collection of security logs from clients’ source devices, and configuration of a remote collector on clients’ local servers.
  • Provisioning of storage for retaining the logs.
  • Standard monthly reporting.

Managed Security Information and Event Management Services (CD-SIEM)

Injazat provides Security Information and Event Management services from our SOC, to enable proactive monitoring of security events from clients’ source devices based on pre-defined rules.

CD-SIEM also performs security log analysis, and reports on security risks, threats and attacks according to use cases defined in conjunction with the client. The service offering consists of the following elements:

  • Provisioning of the centralized SIEM platform, and configuration of the remote collector on clients’ local servers.
  • Configuration of the rules for the SIEM central platform, and on-boarding of the required client source devices.
  • Correlation of security events with vetted security intelligence, so that threats can be detected earlier, further reducing risks to business and reputational damage.
  • Standard monthly reporting.

Managed Security Incident Management Services (CD-IM)

Security Incident Management Services provide assistance to resolve security incidents detected by the CD-SIEM services. This service includes coordinating with an internal security management team or a third party in order to assist in the expedition of the resolution of the security incident. This service offering consists of the following elements:

  • Allocation of the team to analyse and coordinate security related incidents; and
  • Standard monthly reporting.

Managed Endpoint Security as a Service (CD-ENSaaS)

Endpoint Security as a Service is designed to quickly subdue attacks, and reduce the time and cost of solving security issues.

Injazat ENSaaS provides a dynamic, collaborative and integrated platform to deliver protection that can outsmart attackers. The platform features multi-layered defence, static and dynamic machine learning analysis, and dynamic execution containment to stop the spread of infections. This service offering consists of:

  • Threat protection, firewall and data protection; end-user device web control; dynamic application control, and zero-day malware protection.

Standard monthly reporting.

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