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Managed Security Services

All organisations are aware of the need for robust IT security systems, such as firewalls, intrusion prevention systems or endpoint security.

But the reality of the administration of a modern security infrastructure can be overwhelming for some enterprises, which may lack the skills and/or the resources to manage their security devices effectively.

Taking over the burden of this workload, Injazat provides comprehensive security device monitoring and management services.

Our security device administration service includes configuration of client-defined rules, which govern the flow of traffic through the devices – clients have the same ability to customize their security protocols and rules as they would hosting their own security systems.  

Along with the headline security features, Injazat’s Security Device Management service also covers the more mundane aspects of managing devices – including configuration hardening, preventive maintenance, backup and restore of configurations, and appropriate patch management. A standard report is also generated for the client on a regular basis. 

Co-managed Security Services

For clients who prefer, or need, to use their own equipment, Injazat offers a wide range of options for co-managed security devices. Based in our Data Center, client security devices are remotely managed via a 24x7 Security Operations Center (SOC).

Injazat delivers all of its co-managed services through a team of highly experienced IT engineers. Our security experts work with our clients to create the safest, most secure state for the environment they can, in order to support the organisation’s business goals for its security infrastructure.

Injazat provides monitoring, alerts, investigation and threat mitigation for a wide range of vendors, and a wide spectrum of security devices such as firewalls, intrusion protection systems, endpoint protection, web and email gateways, multi-factor authentication, data loss prevention and identity management solutions. 

Managed Data Center Security Services
For organisations that do not need to use their own dedicated hardware, Injazat offers fully-hosted security services, which can provide a new level of flexibility and cost-effectiveness to clients.

With no capital expenditure on expensive equipment needed, Injazat’s managed security services are a purely OPEX model, with predictable, regular payments based on what the client has requested.

Attractive to many types of organisations, this model can particularly suit new enterprises, thanks to the elimination of a whole section of IT infrastructure, helping improve their speed to market. 

And because Injazat provisions the service, not the equipment, clients also avoid the expense and hassle of upgrade cycles and procurement processes. 

Instead, organisations can benefit from a fully managed service, hosted from Injazat’s Tier IV Data Center, and operated by highly skilled engineers and IT security experts. 

Injazat offers the following Managed Security Services:

  • Managed Data Center Remote Access Service
  • Managed Data Center Firewall Service
  • Managed Data Center Intrusion Prevention and Detection Service
  • Managed Data Center Internet Web Content Monitoring Service
  • Managed Data Center Web Application Firewall Service
  • Managed Data Center Mail Gateway Service

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