Our Approach

Our Approach

Our Approach

Delivering large public digital transformation projects is complex, and risky. There are significant financial and execution risks at every stage – so getting it right first time is an absolute requirement for such projects.

This is why Injazat is a preferred delivery partner for many government entities, when tackling digital transformation projects. With our expertise in designing, executing and delivering complex digital projects, as well as our long and deep experience in partnering with public sector organisations, working with Injazat through a Public Private Partnership (PPP) cuts a project’s financial risk, and boosts its success rate.

Learn more about two of our current flagship Public Private Partnerships:

  • Malaffi: Injazat is creating a world-class information exchange for healthcare practitioners across Abu Dhabi, in partnership with the Abu Dhabi Department of Health. Malaffi will cut waiting times and wasted procedures, cut prescription errors, and will deliver improved outcomes for both individual patients and Abu Dhabi residents in general. 
  • Hassantuk, in partnership with UAE Ministry of Interior (MOI): In order to improve response times to major incidents such as fire or emergency maintenance issues, Injazat is deploying advanced monitoring equipment in every significant building across almost the of the UAE (excluding Dubai). Injazat and its partners will operate the Hassantuk infrastructure, including an Artificial Intelligence-enabled Operations Center, for MOI.

Injazat uses a range of PPP models, including Build Operate Transfer (BOT), Build Own Operate Transfer (BOOT), and Build Own Operate (BOO), depending on what is most suitable for the project in question, and in line with the requirements and strategic objectives of our partners.

Our aim for each project is to develop a framework that allows our public sector partners to make the most of Injazat’s experience and delivery capabilities, and improve the quality of the project.

At each stage of a project, we tap into our range of capabilities: we use our Digital Transformation consultancy capacity to design complex, yet sustainable business models; our financial capabilities to fund a project’s CAPEX and OPEX needs; and our Project Management and Delivery capabilities to execute, deliver and operate a project – all according to the framework agreed in the PPP agreement. 

Key Benefits of PPPs

  1. Improves delivery of complex digital transformation programmes.
  2. Defines responsibilities of each party through robust governance.
  3. Defines ownership of assets between the parties.
  4. Ensures a sustainable business model for the public’s strategic objectives.
  5. Reduces public sector funding requirements and risks.
  6. Ensures efficient delivery and operation by the private partner.

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