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Quick Prototyping

Creating an application is about more than the pure functionality and technical requirements. A crucial, but often overlooked, element is user experience and design – and prototyping is a significant part of getting this right. 

Prototyping is the process of creating a functional or semi-functional model of the final application, for the purposes of user testing and demonstration. 

Through the process of creating one or more prototypes, an organisation can achieve a number of high-level goals:

  • Helps define the ultimate goal of the development process, and confirms the feasibility of a concept: what will this application do, and will it work from a design perspective?
  • Gives non-technical stakeholders such as senior management a tangible demonstration of the project’s goals.
  • Allows feedback from user testing to be incorporated at an early stage. 

By going through the prototyping process, enterprises can save time and money by eliminating impractical or unworkable concepts and focusing on those that receive positive feedback from all stakeholders involved, from management to end-users. 

The Prototyping Process

First, Injazat works with our clients to define the project’s goals, and come up with a definitive list of requirements for the application. 

We then work with professional user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) designers to develop the look and feel of the application, based on the business requirements. From the start, our designers incorporate usability best practices and UI requirements for platforms such as Apple iOS or Google Android. 

The prototyping process goes through several stages:

  1. Low fidelity: Designers create a number of different iterations of the concept in basic sketch form, showing different approaches and design concepts. 
  1. Medium fidelity: After gathering feedback on the initial concept designs, a few are selected for refinement – the designers will create more detailed mock-ups of the application. This stage may be repeated several times as feedback, including from usability testing, is received and integrated, and designs are refined. 
  1. High-fidelity: Once all project stakeholders have agreed upon the final design, our designers will work to finalise this concept – at this stage working with back-end developers to agree how the application’s Graphical User Interface (GUI) will function in the final working version. 

Along with the high-level benefits of going through the prototyping process, this experience also delivers a substantial number of other benefits: 

  • Detection and elimination of all major misunderstandings between the client and the execution team. 
  • An interactive prototype makes it possible to clarify the technical specification before development, saving time and budget. 
  • Assumptions about how users will interact with the application can be tested and validated (or discarded), and user feedback and test data can be incorporated into the design, as well as the support functions of the project. 
  • A clickable prototype helps to test and confirm the ideas of the project in focus groups before starting the development phase, allowing clients to focus on concepts that resonate with users, and discarding those that do not.

Injazat’s Prototyping Experience

With more than 13 years in app development, and the successful creation and deployment of dozens of applications, Injazat is ideally suited to help organisations with the prototyping process. 

Our pool of highly experienced UI and UX professionals covers a wide range of experience – so whether you’re planning to develop a popular consumer app for smartphones, a B2B web application for your corporate clients, or an internal tool for your own staff, Injazat has the experience to guide the process to a successful conclusion.


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