Adapting to the changing landscape of technology, commerce and human interaction is always a demanding task.

Currently, organisations in the Gulf and elsewhere are being pulled by a number of competing forces: the existential risk of falling behind technologically and being unable to compete; the grand opportunities modern technological developments can bring to an organisation; and the high potential costs of failing at a digital transformation.

Injazat can help resolve the tension between these three forces. Our expertise in developing and delivering digital transformation strategies allows us to help organisations navigate the complex new technological landscape we find ourselves in.

The first step on the road to digital transformation is a Digital Maturity Assessment – this gives an organisation a clear-sighted view of its current position, and identifies its key weaknesses and opportunities.

The next step is the development of the Digital Transformation Strategy itself: a roadmap that will lead an organisation to its ultimate goals.

Once the strategy is in place, Injazat can support clients in working through the roadmap. This can be divided into three broad elements: 

Transform Your People

A technologically literate workforce that is comfortable with change is the bedrock of any digital transformation strategy. No matter what fancy equipment or smart software an organisation procures, it will be for nothing without employees who are willing and able to embrace it.

For organisations that need extensive staff development to become digitally literate, the creation of a Digital Academy programme is a key element. The academy can not only assess staff from the top to the bottom of an organisation, but more importantly, can bring them up to speed on the key knowledge and skills they will require following completion of the Digital Transformation Strategy.

For enterprises facing challenges such as automation, a Digital Academy can be vital in helping avoid traumatic and expensive layoffs – by working with employees affected by automation, an academy can help them gain new skills and find other roles within the organisation. 

Transform Your Tech

This next phase of digital transformation is where many enterprises start and end their thinking – the procurement of new infrastructure, new servers and new software can seem relatively simple, and sometimes like a “silver bullet” to solve all of an organisation’s technological challenges.

But the reality is far more complex – any new technology must support a clear business strategy, and an organisation must have a clear migration plan in place in order to successfully transition to a new platform.

The choices around new technology are no longer straightforward. For many enterprises, there may no longer be a need to have significant IT infrastructure on site – instead, managed services and cloud services can handle many of the services required by even the largest organisations.

For ambitious enterprises, transformation may also involve new technologies such as Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence or the Internet of Things, where appropriate.

All of this will be considered as part of any thorough Digital Transformation Strategy, and Injazat can support a company’s transition to new systems, or the development and deployment of advanced new technology. 

Transform Your Organisation

Once an organisation’s workforce and infrastructure have been transformed, the next stage should follow quite naturally: the transformation of the organisation as a whole into one that fully embraces the opportunities of the digital world.

This does not mean becoming an enterprise that leaves behind its heritage and focuses only on digital interaction – rather it is about being forward-facing, ready and able to see opportunities created by technological change, and embrace those whole-heartedly.

And when these opportunities come, Injazat will once again be ready to assist in making the most of them.

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