Emerging technologies

Emerging technologies

Emerging technologies

Web & Mobile Platforms

Powerful Apps for Any Platform

We deliver easy-to-use web and mobile apps built on the most advanced technology. Whatever the demands of the client, our world-class customer experience and development teams can turn them into thoughtful, powerful apps for any platform.  

Web Apps

Injazat is highly experienced in developing both Business-to-Business (B2B) and Business-to-Consumer (B2C) web applications.

A key priority is usability: ensuring any application is easy for people to access on the devices they most use – not just the devices best for developers. With this in mind, we follow a mobile-first approach to app development; ensuring end-users get the same great experience on any device or operating system, from desktops to mobiles to iPads – including less common platforms. 

We build simple yet fully-featured web apps, making use of the latest development and programming tools to deliver a rich, smooth, fast experience, while keeping apps as lean and efficient as possible.

Our developers are experts in full-stack web development, and we also work with a carefully chosen network of development partners in order to provide the widest range of skills and capabilities to our clients. 

With our team of world-class engineers experienced in front-end development, back-end infrastructure, API development, architecture and strategy advisory, Injazat is ready to deliver, whatever the project.

Web Apps Technologies:


React JS

Angular JS






Mobile Apps

With the rise of the iPhone, and then Android, mobile usage has massively outstripped the desktop for many people. In order to be where the users’ attention is, mobility is a key priority for companies. Whether for B2C or B2B projects, being on mobile improves technology adoption and resource optimisation. 

User-centered design is vital in mobile app development, and is our starting point for all app projects. With careful User Experience planning and User Interface design, we deliver products that look great and are easy to use, with an intuitive user flow and rich experience. 

But as well as great design, delivering a satisfying user experience relies on the underlying functions of an app as well, to ensure a fast, smooth and reliable end product. Through our agile development approach, our team makes sure all our apps function as elegantly as they look. 

Security and compatibility are also key elements of our development approach. All our apps follow best practices and incorporate strong encryption and obfuscation mechanisms to provide hardened security, to protect your data and the data of your customers or users. And where required, our apps can provide seamless integration with other systems, as part of a wider technology ecosystem. 

A significant benefit of using mobile apps is the ability to gain useful data on how people are using the app in the real world. Our apps can deliver user behaviour analytics, in a secure and appropriate way, allowing us to provide continuous feedback – and to optimise performance and deliver new features through regular app updates. 

Technologies We Cover:

* Apple ‘Swift’

* Android ‘Kotlin

* Hybrid Cross-platform


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