Case Studies

Application transformation

09 Apr 2017

A leading government entity within the healthcare industry developed a Portal and Knowledge Engine for their health data warehouse which enabled the exchange and analysis of health data within the Emirate of Abu Dhabi.  

With the successful and continued growth of Abu Dhabi, the IT environment for the Portal and Knowledge Engine was rapidly approaching its maximum capacity due to increased volume, data and data size as the population of Abu Dhabi grew.  

Injazat Application Services established a scalable, highly available and fault tolerant platform to support the increased, and future predicted, data volumes and the supported web services, enabling the exchange of more than 1 million electronic transactions per hour between over 750 healthcare providers and 40 payers.  

The implemented Application included a significantly enhanced validation engine which controlled the compliance of each transaction, applying over 200 validation rules including state level checks against previous submissions.  

Our Application Transformation Services team also integrated the data exchanged through the Health Portal with data from other sources, enabling comprehensive actionable analyses to support improvements within the health services in Abu Dhabi.