Case Studies

Cloud & Automation

23 Mar 2017

A leading government organization needed to fast-track a business analytics project, which would include add-on services to create value to business users. The organization did not want to invest in an expensive network and infrastructure which would be subject to technology obsolescence and require a team to manage on a daily basis.

They turned to Injazat to provide Infrastructure as a service, which would include their network, storage, security, compute, memory and operating systems requirements, all in a pay-as-you-go model.

In a matter of minutes the services were provisioned by Injazat, enabling the organization and their business analytics partner to immediately start their project.  The solution provided tangible business outcomes to users in a fast and efficient manner, saved capex expenditure related to infrastructure and adhered to a full-opex predictable model.

Consuming IT as a service, leveraging the unlimited scalability and availability of Injazat's Private Cloud offering, allowed our client to enjoy IT agility and quality at an optimized cost.