Injazat Data Center

Injazat Data Center

Injazat Data Center

Injazat Data Center

As one of the UAE’s information technology leaders, and a specialist in digital transformation, Injazat helps organisations put digital at the heart of their business – working with clients to reduce risk, improve productivity and drive growth. 

The importance of the secure storage and management of an organisation’s data and critical IT assets cannot be overestimated. Today, enterprises live and die on their data, and a data loss or breach can easily become a fatal blow, either through the immediate damage to the business, or the reputational damage that can follow.

This is where Injazat’s Data Center services can play their part. We operate two worldclass facilities: a Tier IV Data Center in Abu Dhabi, offering the highest levels of uptime, resilience and security; and a Tier III+ Data Center in Dubai, also offering excellent levels of uptime and resilience, while greatly expanding Injazat’s capacity to provision cloud services and other managed service offerings.

Our recent expansion into Dubai has allowed us to extend our cloud services offerings with Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) and Backup as a Service (BUaas), as demand for cloud-based digital infrastructure and digital transformation continues to surge throughout the UAE.

Along with offering our extensive range of cloud and managed services to clients in the UAE and across the region, our Data Center capacity also allows us to offer colocation services, for organisations that prefer – or are required – to use their own servers.

Both our Data Centers are fully independent, geographically redundant and carrier-neutral, with immediate access to significant bandwidth. They also offer best-in-class physical security, including checkpoints, biometric access and full CCTV coverage across the sites. Our sites are also protected with Integrated Building Management Systems for monitoring all critical systems.

Injazat maintains the highest Data Center operational standards, and our many certifications and awards confirm we are the best in the business. We are the first and only Data Center provider in the UAE to provide official SAP Certified cloud and hosting services.

Our Data Centers – Facts and Figures:

Physical Characteristics:

  • Abu Dhabi: Tier IV (Power Availability of 99.995% per year)
  • Dubai: Tier III+ (Power Availability of 99.982% per year)
  • 42U Cabinets (Abu Dhabi) or 47U Cabinets (Dubai)
  • Secure perimeters with a delivery dock and a dedicated freight elevator
  • Integrated Building Management Systems (BMS) for monitoring all critical systems in the Data Center

Data Center Operational Standards:

  • TIA 568 and 606 - Structured Cabling Systems and Labeling Standard
  • TIA 942 - Telecommunications Infrastructure Standard for Data Centers
  • ISO-27001 – Information Security Management System
  • ISO-20000 – Quality Assurance System
  • ISO-14644-1 - Cleanrooms and Associated Controlled Environments
  • ASHRAE - Temperature and Humidity Recommended Environmental Guideline

Certifications & Awards:

  • ISO 20000 IT Service Management
  • ISO 27001 Information Security Management System Standards
  • ISO 14644-1 Classification of air cleanliness in a controlled environment, Certified at Class 7
  • Tier IV Design Certification (Abu Dhabi)
  • SAP Certified Provider and Partner for both Cloud and Hosting Services. This partnership makes Injazat the first and only Data Center provider in the UAE to provide official SAP Certified Cloud and Hosting Services



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