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Our partnership eco-system fundamentally enables Injazat to reduce total cost of ownership, minimize risk, and accelerate implementation to our customers’ projects.

Injazat relationship with Partners is based on the level of mutual engagement, support, and contribution to enhance the value of offerings for customers in response to the market most demanding requirements.

The Injazat Partner Program (IPP) is aimed at offering a platform to our exclusive local and global Partners to support, enhance, build, or promote Injazat Cloud and Injazat Managed Services to address the business objectives of their customers in the competitive and dynamic market conditions.

Injazat partnership program

  • Technology Partner

    Technology Partner


    IPP Technology Partners are the contributors of Injazat portfolio solutions and Managed Service offerings to Injazat customers and the market. IPP Technology Partners provide a layer of trusted enabling technologies and services which constitute or integrate with the range of portfolio services offered by Injazat.

    IPP Technology Partners include Technology Vendors, Security Vendors, and SaaS Providers.

  • Enablement Partner

    Enablement Partner


    IPP Technology Partners support the solutions provided by Injazat to respond to the ever-demanding business requirements of its customers.

    IPP Technology Partners provide technologies to enhance Injazat solutions. These technologies are recognized and certified by Injazat as part of Injazat Approved Product List (APL).

    IPP Enablement Partners include Technology Hardware and Software Vendors, Security Vendors, Outsourcing and Professional Services Companies, and Independent Software Developers.

  • Alliance Partners

    Alliance Partners


    IPP Alliance Partners provide joint-solutions with Injazat which are integrated with Injazat managed service offerings, hosted on Injazat Cloud, or promoted as a joint-market offering for the market.

    IPP Alliance Partners include SaaS Providers, PaaS Providers, Technology Vendors, Security Vendors, Developer Tools, and Independent Software Vendors.

  • Strategy Partners

    Strategy Partners


    IPP Strategy Partners constitute an integral part of Injazat strategic offerings to the market. IPP Strategy Partners engage on exclusive collaborations with Injazat to provide services and solutions which enhance Injazat managed services and the Injazat Cloud offering capabilities.

    IPP Strategy Partners include SaaS Providers, PaaS Providers, Security Vendors, Independent Software Vendors, and Technology Innovation Vendors.

  • Reseller Partners

    Reseller Partners


    IPP Reseller Partners promote Injazat Cloud as well as Injazat Managed Services offerings across their customers. Through a series of referral, development, or reselling programs, IPP Reseller Partners benefit from selling Injazat value to the market.

    Reseller Partners include Agencies, Distributors, and Value-Added Resellers.

  • Consulting Partners

    Consulting Partners


    IPP Consulting Partners are certified to advise customers, design and build solutions which leverage on Injazat Managed Services and are supported to run on Injazat Cloud.

    Consulting Partners include Managed Service Providers, System Integrators, Consultancy Firms, Business Advisors, and Focused Consulting Providers.

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