Broaden your business capabilities

IT shared services

Broaden your business capabilities

IT shared services

Broaden your business capabilities

To compete in the 21st Century, a hyper competitive and challenging business environment, business innovation and alignment has never been more important. IT Shared Services offer a unique opportunity to consolidate business functions delivering increased efficiencies and cost savings, increasing security and standardising processes across your organisation, whilst broadening your business capabilities.

Case studies

IT shared services

A regional Enterprise needed to establish IT Shared Services across their 12 business entities to eliminate duplicate services, align processes and deliver efficiencies and savings. Injazat IT Shared Services assessed the infrastructure and implemented a comprehensive solution.

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Delivery model

Implementing IT Shared Services is a complex process. Our Services Portfolio team have the expertise to enable you to establish IT Shared Services in a fast and efficient manner. Our innovative services are supported by the following capabilities:

  • IT Shared Services Advisory
  • Application Services
  • Infrastructure Services
  • Enterprise Cloud Shared Services

Our capabilities

Take advantage of this digital disruption and the opportunities created to deliver solutions that are customer focused in a strategic and prioritised way. Our services are supported by the following capabilities


Our managed workplace service is a flexible and robust solution


As your IT systems become increasingly complex our network management service can prove less expensive than managing them in-house.


Our storage services provide comprehensive 24x7 monitoring and fault management support, safeguarding your data.


Our 24x7 service will enable you to focus on core technologies that directly affect your business (eg business applications) and less on managing your network infrastructure, freeing up internal resource to work on innovation and development.


Best for Multi-Tier Perimeter Security, Critical Web Application Services and Demanding and Dynamic Business requirements.

Service desk

Our Managed Service Desk provides your users with a single point of contact to IT. We provide certified, experienced people to deliver this critical element of your IT Department, based firmly on ITIL best practices.


IT Shared Services – Case Study

Injazat helped an enterprise with 12 entities to establish IT Shared Services. The Solution includes full range of ERP such as HR, Finance, and Procurement; advance modules, Portal, email and other Infrastructure services.

Case study

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