Use our expertise to drive your business forward

Application management

Use our expertise to drive your business forward

Application management

Use our expertise to drive your business forward

One of the main challenges for organisations is a lack of in-house IT expertise that narrows the adoption of technology which could drive your business forward. Injazat Application Services offer end-to-end solutions that align your IT goals with your business objectives. Our solutions focus on developing, implementing and supporting key applications that meet your business needs whilst increasing productivity and delivering return on application investment.

Our case studies

Application transformation

A leading government entity within the Healthcare industry developed a Portal and Knowledge Engine for their health data warehouse which enabled the exchange and analysis of health data within the Abu Dhabi Emirate. As the Portal approached maximum capacity, Injazat Application Services transformed the platform, streamlining and accelerating the claim approval process.

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Delivery model

Through our technical domain expertise and in-depth knowledge of best of breed applications, our team collaborates with Organisations to plan, develop, integrate and manage a range of solutions from enterprise applications, custom applications and packaged software to industry specific solutions. Our team focuses on architecting business solutions from standard technical components to support improved performance tied to your business objectives. Our experienced team provides:

  • Technical domain expertise
  • Process excellence
  • Knowledge of best-of-breed and prepackaged applications
  • Rigorous testing capabilities


Key benefits of our Application Management Service are:

Increased Utilization and Return on Investment:

Maximize your ROI by ensuring the complete utilization of your business applications, with continuous enhancements and new features delivered to your business users.

Improved flexibility:

Receive services that respond quickly to your changing business environment.

Mature Knowledge Management Framework:

Our services ensure continuity of service and avoidance of single points of failure. We apply a robust knowledge management framework using our extensive expertise and knowledge to ensure client's business agility and efficiency.

Mature Service Management Framework:

Application management and maintenance costs are major concerns for IT departments. Our services reduce complexity by applying approved methods of processing changes, incidents and problems as well as standardization for application enhancement and maintenance. Our Services assume complete responsibility of any application needed to run your business smoothly. This enables your key resources to focus on core business objectives, rather than worry about the day-to-day management of your business applications.

Identification of Transformation and Modernization Opportunities:

Currently, many Organizations are still running their applications on legacy platforms and systems, and need to modernize their IT applications environment. Our service focuses on identifying transformation and modernization opportunities within your business which will deliver operational efficiencies and provide an improved ROI.

Our capabilities

Take advantage of this digital disruption and the opportunities created to deliver solutions that are customer focused in a strategic and prioritised way. Our services are supported by the following capabilities

Applications Management

Our Application Management Services offer end-to-end solutions that align your IT requirements with your business objectives.

Development and Integration Services

Improve business results through custom applications development, quality & testing and business intelligence services.

Portal and Collaboration

Architect business solutions from standard technical components to support process redesign and improved performance.

Transform and Modernize

Upgrade legacy applications by improving operational efficiency and information assets with an emphasis on identifying opportunities.


Injazat helps ADFCA pioneer adoption of Enterprise Mobility Framework

Injazat Data Systems in collaboration with Abu Dhabi Food Control Authority (ADFCA) has announced that they have implemented a comprehensive strategy to adopt Enterprise Mobility Framework (EMF) to accelerate the transformation of ADFCA's business into the digital world. This initiative will accelerate ADFCA's mission to develop a sustainable food sector that ensures the delivery of safe food to the public.


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