Respond to your changing business needs

Infrastructure management

Respond to your changing business needs

Infrastructure management

Respond to your changing business needs

In technology, the only thing that remains constant is change. Technology is fundamentally altering the way we live, work and relate to one another and in order to stay relevant you must be IT agile, using the necessary tools to succeed given the changing business environment. Infrastructure Management will help you streamline your IT processes, conform to regulations, enhance data flows, take advantage of new technologies and run an efficient IT operation.

Case studies

Consolidation & optimization for a manufacturing enterprise

A large manufacturing Enterprise based in Abu Dhabi had acquired many IT assets as it grew and over the years a complex IT environment evolved. Struggling to manage this infrastructure productively, Injazat Consolidation and Optimization Services worked closely with the client to review their operations and understand their business vision, we then provided a detailed IT Roadmap and transformed their IT environment to support their vision.

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Delivery model

Our Managed Services are simple and modular in structure, enabling you to select the Managed Services that meet your unique business requirements or business objectives. Over time, we can help you establish your own long-term technology roadmap to take advantage of the latest innovative technologies. By undergoing transformational activities, your business will benefit from rationalization, consolidation, increased return on IT investment and better IT alignment to meet your changing business needs.

The key benefits of IT Outsourcing Services are:

  • Reduced cost of ownership and increased efficiency: Maximize your ROI by rationalizing and virtualizing your server environment, reducing your capital and operational expenses.
  • Improved flexibility: Receive services that respond quickly to your changing business environment.
  • Higher levels of system availability: Benefit from our goal to achieve zero outages and our 11+ years delivering operational excellence with consistent service levels in the UAE.
  • Greater efficiency: Reduce the complexity of your IT environment and make it a business enabler with our Managed Services modular structure.
  • Enhanced security: Protect your valuable hardware, software and information assets from logical and physical security incidences with our stringent compliance to NESA and ISO 270001 standards.

Our capabilities

Take advantage of this digital disruption and the opportunities created to deliver solutions that are customer focused in a strategic and prioritised way. Our services are supported by the following capabilities


Our managed workplace service is a flexible and robust solution


As your IT systems become increasingly complex our network management service can prove less expensive than managing them in-house.


Our 24x7 service will enable you to focus on core technologies that directly affect your business (eg business applications) and less on managing your network infrastructure, freeing up internal resource to work on innovation and development.


Best for Multi-Tier Perimeter Security, Critical Web Application Services and Demanding and Dynamic Business requirements.


Enables critical infrastructure support with incident identification, recording, corrective action, root-cause analysis, periodic trending for patterns of incidents and maintenance of trouble tickets

Service desk

Our Managed Service Desk provides your users with a single point of contact to IT. We provide certified, experienced people to deliver this critical element of your IT Department, based firmly on ITIL best practices.


Our storage services provide comprehensive 24x7 monitoring and fault management support, safeguarding your data.


Innovation, The Injazat Way!

Many Enterprises see innovation as the implementation of an emerging technology, a transformation, adapting a capability that will create new possibilities and differentiate them from their competitors. But technology innovation can be pursued in many different ways.

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