Ensure Compliance to Regulatory Standards

Security operations centre

Ensure Compliance to Regulatory Standards

Security operations centre

Ensure Compliance to Regulatory Standards

IT Security threats, worldwide and in the Middle East region, are not only growing in number but also in sophistication, requiring robust defense measures to minimize the risk of security incidents causing disruptions to critical business functions and impacting customers. Service providers with end to end capability are now the default choice for Enterprises. Due to rising market expectations and regulatory requirements for Business and IT Security, UAE Enterprises need to address these key security priorities:- Detect and respond to security breaches "incidents” Measure and enhance the security stance for originations Ensure strict control of organizations user identities Protect your organization’s critical data (structured or unstructured) in alignment with business objectives and risk/ threat driven approach Ensure your organization’s compliance to regulatory standards (eg: NESA)

Case studies

Security solutions

A leading organization needed to adhere to regulatory standards and stay protected from external and internal threats. Our Security Operations Centre and managed Security Services provided a strong incident response mechanism which rapidly responds to cyber attacks, whilst maintaining regulatory compliance.

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Delivery model

At Injazat, we detect, analyze, and respond to cybersecurity incidents using a combination of technology solutions and a strong set of processes, protecting your business data, assets and Information systems, whilst ensuring compliance to UAE regulatory standards.

100% Compliant to UAE Security Standards

Our SOC is locally hosted, to meet UAE data sovereignty, with our own Tier IV datacenter for ownership compliance, the Injazat Security Operations Centre follows UAE regulations and Mubadala corporate compliance such as NESA, ADSIC and ISO27001 standards

Managed Services with Guaranteed SLA’s

24 x 7 x 365 SOC Operations to monitor and manage your environment within guaranteed service levels.

Attractive Commercial Model

Our 'Pay as you Go' model provides increased financial flexibility, as there are no large upfront investments, reduces your total cost of ownership and accelerates your time to market.

Our capabilities

Take advantage of this digital disruption and the opportunities created to deliver solutions that are customer focused in a strategic and prioritised way. Our services are supported by the following capabilities

Advanced security operations

A well managed Security Information Event Monitoring (SIEM) service

Managed security services

Creating the safest, most secure state for the environment

Hosted security services

A wide range of hosted security services from our Tier IV designed data center

Governance, risk and compliance

Experienced advisory to Enterprises that require support in governance, risk and compliance (GRC)


Injazat and Kaspersky Lab to offer security training program

The three-level security training program, which targets employees from government entities, IT specialists, Emirati talent and fresh graduates, offers an educational platform to raise awareness on topics related to cyber security including cyber forensics, malware analysis, and reverse engineering.


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