Evolve your workforce

Training services

Evolve your workforce

Training services

Evolve your workforce

Building a 21st century workforce involves developing training that keeps pace with the changing business environment and technology needs, constantly evolving your workforce. Employee training and career development programs are critical to ensure your success. But creating and maintaining training programs is complex, involving assessing, designing, developing, implementing and monitoring instructional programs.

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Emiratization: Developing future technical experts

The Injazat Institute (Ti²), seeks to help UAE Nationals achieve their full potential and become productive members of the ICT field.

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Our delivery model

Our Injazat Institute (Ti2) is a business-oriented learning initiative that aims to support Enterprises to improve their business performance through high quality learning and best practice consulting in learning & development disciplines.

Our expert team will assess your learning and development requirements and partner with you to ensure that learning is focused on defined training needs which will deliver real benefits to your enterprise.

Our suite of training services comprises best-in-class services that enable our clients to reduce costs, embrace change, and drive real quantifiable impact through 4 key service elements:

  • UAE national development: We provide a number of strategic career development solutions to develop UAE national employees and unlock their potential.
  • Professional development: Working with key stakeholders in your Enterprise, we will partner with you to deliver learning solutions that are strategically aligned to your business objectives.
  • Managed learning: We have developed an innovative outsourced solution, Managed Learning Services (MLS), which allows you to optimize investments in learning and development, extracting maximum and tangible value.
  • Learning and development consultancy: We provide a wide range of consulting services within the learning & development field.

Explore our capabilities

Take advantage of this digital disruption and the opportunities created to deliver solutions that are customer focused in a strategic and prioritised way. Our services are supported by the following capabilities

UAE national development

Develop and empower future UAE National talent, support their development, build employee engagement and support retention.

Professional development

Ti2 will partner to deliver learning solutions that are strategically aligned to your business objectives.

Managed learning services

The innovative outsourcing offering allows organizations to optimize investments in learning and development.

Learning & development consultancy

Consulting services that support organizations in developing effective learning strategies to align with current & future business needs.


To succeed, invest in your people

I spoke to Gary Hazel (GH), Head of Learning and Development at the Injazat Institute, to understand the role his team plays in the learning and career development requirements of Injazat, which has fostered a ‘learning culture’ that has become a key asset to the company.

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