With the convergence of social media, mobile computing, analytics and cloud technology, the rise of digital transformation and the internet of things, seismic changes are sweeping through every industry and enterprise. In today’s era of volatility, there is no other way but to re-invent. Digital transformation for us is re-envisioning and transforming how the company operates and delivers customer experiences by leveraging digital competencies and technologies to create significant and sustainable economic value through business process optimization or by the adoption of new business models

Case studies

Digital Transformation for a Leading Government Authority

A large government authority based in Abu Dhabi manages multiple entities that have previously worked in separate work streams with no centralized information management. While this is how business and operations were previously carried it out; in a digital and information era, this has created a difficult challenge for the sharing of information for the government authority.

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Delivery model

Injazat can design, deliver and takeE2E ownership of different types of DX projects…

Our capabilities

Take advantage of this digital disruption and the opportunities created to deliver solutions that are customer focused in a strategic and prioritised way. Our services are supported by the following capabilities:

  • Corporate and Business Unit strategy assessment
  • Market and Technology benchmarking
  • Business process vs. Systems mapping
  • Fitness assessment and Root Cause analysis
  • Transformation opportunities identification and prioritization
  • To Be Enterprise Architecture & Transformation Roadmap development
  • Change Management
  • Transformation Program Management



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