Rationalize, Standardize and Simplify

Next generation IT

Rationalize, Standardize and Simplify

Next generation IT

Rationalize, Standardize and Simplify

With the convergence of social media, mobile computing, analytics and cloud technology, the rise of digital transformation and the internet of things, seismic changes are sweeping through every industry and enterprise. Business models have fundamentally changed to respond to how customers consume technology, creating a dynamic environment requiring a dramatic shift in the way information technology supports businesses to succeed. It is important to Identify where smart machines can be applied, integrated and used effectively for your business.

Case studies

Consolidation & optimization for a manufacturing enterprise

A large manufacturing Enterprise based in Abu Dhabi had acquired many IT assets as it grew and over the years a complex IT environment evolved. Struggling to manage this infrastructure productively, Injazat Consolidation and Optimization Services worked closely with the client to review their operations and understand their business vision, we then provided a detailed IT Roadmap and transformed their IT environment to support their vision.

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Delivery model

Our broad portfolio of services and experience in managing diverse systems, helps you create frameworks and deploy solutions that transcend your boundaries into the smart and connected world.

Big Data and Analytics

Extracting insights to maximize business value: Every Enterprise generates an enormous amount of data, which can be used for business decisions by extracting key insights that are critical. The challenge is to find an innovative and cost effective method to capitalize on your data. We provide a compressive range of solutions to help you distill business value from big data, whilst optimizing cost and driving innovation.

Application Integration

A foundation to foster smart services: The next generation technologies are pushing the IT function to perform a far greater role in driving the business and smart services. Our services enable you to integrate and extend your ICT landscape by leveraging modern technologies such as Next Gen UI, API, SOA, BPM etc. This helps build an integrated, more effective, agile, scalable and reliable platform that supports business transformation through enterprise system integration.

Cloud and Automation

Many Enterprises are now open to looking at new options for extending their cloud investment or replacing it with a whole new model. Our Next Generation Cloud delivers development and operational hybrid and multi-cloud services, automation, as well as end-to-end orchestration that provides speed to provision, and orchestrates cloud services utilizing cloud analytics and capacity planning.


Our capabilities

Take advantage of this digital disruption and the opportunities created to deliver solutions that are customer focused in a strategic and prioritised way. Our services are supported by the following capabilities

Public cloud

Incloud is the most advanced software defined cloud platform with complete automation hosted and managed in the UAE at our Tier IV Data Center.

Transform and Modernize

Upgrade legacy applications by improving operational efficiency and information assets with an emphasis on identifying opportunities.

Advanced security operations

A well managed Security Information Event Monitoring (SIEM) service


Maintenance of the overall design, operation and refresh of the Environmental Systems, Physical Security Systems and Cabinet Space within our Tier IV Data Center.

Hosted security services

A wide range of hosted security services from our Tier IV designed data center


Injazat Accelerates Innovation and Supports UAE’s Economic Growth in Partnership with SAP

Injazat Data Systems, regional market leaders for secure and business-aligned IT services that is wholly owned by Mubadala Development Company, signed an agreement with global technology corporation SAP to accelerate innovation in the UAE.


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