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Innovation, the Injazat way!

10 Apr 2017

Many Enterprises see innovation as the implementation of an emerging technology, a transformation, adapting a capability that will create new possibilities and differentiate them from their competitors.

But technology innovation can be pursued in many different ways. It may involve expanded utilization of an application or hardware technology that has already been purchased. It may involve the replacement of existing tools and systems with new technologies. Or it may involve the addition of new software or hardware capabilities that enhance existing systems.

When an Enterprise embarks on a digital transformation journey, they will need the right partner. A partner that has the breadth of services to offer flexible solutions that supports them to maximise their existing IT investments, capitalize on emerging technologies and define their future IT requirements.

There is no ‘one size fits all’ solution but Injazat has the expertise and experience to support your Enterprise, review your existing infrastructure to enhance it and then adapt new technologies to power productivity and drive growth for your business.

Forces of Technological Change

But, as the forces of technological change are inescapable, Injazat themselves continuously transform, searching for opportunities in the ever changing tech landscape that will improve their services and support their clients.

Innovation Lab

Injazat’s innovation lab is a DMZ (demilitarized zone) where the normal rules of engagement are suspended. It is a safe and secure environment to test innovative applications and new services or products.

  • Test new products and services.

3rd party vendors can set up the infrastructure required that enables them to demonstrate their product and provide proof of concept. Injazat then evaluate the product to determine if it offers a solution that would benefit their clients.

  • A Playpen for Developers!

If a client has an application they want to test or demo in a safe environment, Injazat can replicate that environment and test. They can then apply a patch or upgrade to determine what will happen before it is rolled out to the actual environment.

Big Data

If you're not in you can’t win! All sectors are leveraging Big Data to deliver a better experience for customers.

Injazat has joined forces with SAP Business Applications to provide real-time analysis of Big Data on a fully-managed secure cloud. This partnership with SAP will accelerate the UAE’s IT capabilities and will create new opportunities.

Cloud Computing

Injazat just launched the first Open Stack Cloud in the GCC offering Public, Private and Hybrid Cloud options supported by their Managed Applications, IT and Security services.

The InCloud platform is the most advanced software defined platform with complete automation hosted and managed in the UAE at their Tier IV Data Center.

Innovate and Manage Change

Innovation is associated closely with digital transformation precisely because of the great benefits that change can bring. But remember, to succeed, you must manage change strategically, focus on your end user, use an experienced partner who is themselves an innovator and IT enabler.

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